Friday, January 10, 2020


Hey y'all, Happy Friday! 

Today I wanted to share a '13 Things' Post -- essentially a time for me to just write what I'm thinking about, loving, basically anything. I love reading random posts like this, so hopefully y'all like em too!

1. Is anyone else super decisive, but then when it comes to a huge decision you get super stressed? We are hoping to buy a house this year and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it....but now that its 2020 I'm like....holy cow a whole house!!! we are really doing it?!?!?!

2. I'm trying to not buy any more clothes until spring. Which will be like March here in Texas. But I don't need more winter clothes, and I'm trying to be more minimalistic.....and I want to wait until I can go through all my summer clothes and see what I really have. I have realized how I really need like five sweaters and a few pairs of jeans for winter and that's all....because its only cool in Dallas for like two months! 

3. Nate has had a big event for work this week, and tomorrow is the fancy day, so I can't wait to dress up and attend events with him! I'm also ready to have him back around more because he's been working 12 hour days for the past few months! I'm also really excited for my stay tuned ;)

4. Marathon training has been rough y'all. I tried to train for a marathon in 2018, and actually made it to my second to last long run! But I started to get really bad shin splints, and ended up basically taking about 9 months off of running because it was so painful. So basically I have been so out of shape. But its starting to get better which I'm so excited for! I used to love running every single day in college and I can't wait to hopefully get back to that. I'm also still terrified about running 26.1 miles!

5. One of my latest obsessions has been Facebook Marketplace. I love going on there every now and then and looking at what's for sale. I think its the bargain hunter in me....and I just love finding cool furniture pieces! Basically dreaming of our hopeful house and all the fun I will have putting it all together. I want it to be fun, funky and eclectic!

6. I am really craving going to the beach.....we have a few plans to go on vacation this year and I am already so excited for them! I think the beach is my favorite place on earth. 

7. Since Nate was gone for the week and I only had to buy groceries for myself, I was able to pick up a few fun things from Trader Joe's. I tried some juices, health shots, and some new frozen veggies for easy lunches. 

8. This Free People sweater has been my go-to with Spanx leather leggings. 

9. I cut my hair while I was home over Christmas and it keeps getting shorter. I don't know why but I just looove having short hair! Its so easy and I feel like it just suits me better.

10. I got eyelash extensions again (well, started doing them myself) and I forgot how amazing they are. I have gone almost two weeks now without wearing any other makeup and my face feels sooo good. Anyone else love taking make up breaks?!

11. I got a new job!! Its going to be a major career change and I'm nervous but sooo excited. I have been working in corporate retail buying for the past year and a half and also interned with the same company in college, so it's all I have ever known in my professional career. 

12. I also turned 24 a few days before Christmas and while I don't feel any different, I can't believe my next birthday is 25 and that sounds really old to me!

13. I have been reading an Enneagram book and I hadn't caught onto the hype until now. It is so fascinating, and the book I am reading is sooo good and ties it all back to faith and God and how who you are ties back to your relationship with God and others. Since I have been reading so much more I will probably start doing book review posts. Stay tuned!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and thanks so much for reading. Have a great weekend!


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