Monday, May 9, 2016

white + pastels

hey y'all!

the weather has been rainy and cool off and on lately, so I find myself struggling to put together spring looking outfits that are still warm. Today's look is a result of the cold temps and needing to be a bit warmer!

I love the look of all white -- its the perfect way to look more dressed for the season even if you can't wear shorts and tank tops yet. My white jeans are a staple -- they are from Loft and I adore them. My white peplum tank is one that I've worn a lot lately, and I also have it in black. Lastly, my scarf is a super cheap one I got a few seasons ago from Forever21, but I love the colors and so I still wear it. Oh, and my sandals are from Target. I love the jewel detailing since I often forget to wear jewelry.

I linked some similar items down below if you're interested!

also, excuse my messy hair -- I tried a new hairstyle that I saw on a didn't turn out quite as good as I expected. But, I am wearing a new lipstick I wanted to tell y'all about -- it's a soft matte lip cream from NYX in the shade London. Seriously my new favorite nude/my lips but better color. Definitely worth checking out :)

That's all for today's post, talk to you tomorrow!

"Therefore, accept each other just as Christ has accepted you so that God will be given glory." -- Romans 15:7

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  1. I love wearing white. I like the outfit you have put together. I think the scarf looks really cute. I’d probably switch out the white pants with some other color pants though.