Monday, April 3, 2017


Hey y'all!

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend, and the start to a new week is treating you well :) This week is crazy crazy crazy for me...I have tons of extra curricular events for school and several social things as well, so I will probably be running around like a crazy person for a bit, but it is nice to be busy sometimes!

Today I wanted to share some pics and recap the weekend I spent in Oklahoma City over spring break. We only spent a little bit of time, but we were able to do some really fun things and I found tons of places I want to go back to at some point! There is a lot of trendy/fun things to do and it would definitely be worth a weekend visit if you're ever in the area!


1. Common Place Books -- This little shop was a "popup" shop in the Midtown area, as it was waiting for its official shop to open. It had tons of unique books and was just a cool place to check out! If you're a big reader or just appreciate an aesthetically pleasing shopping experience, I would suggest this place!

2. Midtown Plaza Court -- this area of town was just really cute and fun! It is a trendier area with lots of fun shops, restaurants, and plenty of things to do. There were so many restaurants with patios and fun vibes. 

3. The Plant Shoppe -- this is an adorable little shop that is connected to a coffee shop I will talk about below. It is what it sounds like -- a hipster/trendy little shop that sells plants! Unfortunately they were closed the day we went, but we got to see the outside/patio area and its definitely on my list of what to do when I go back!

4. Outlet Malls -- okay, so this was the big non-touristy thing we did but I would still recommend it! There are outlet malls in OKC that are amazing. We spent sooo much money..oops! But there are so many great stores that have good prices. I always love a good outlet mall!

5. Bleu Garten -- this was a really fun and trendy spot to hang out at night. There are picnic tables everywhere, and tons of people just hanging out with their dogs and friends which was cool! There was food trucks, as well as places to get drinks. They also had tons of yard games set up, including giant Jenga pieces! It was a blast.


1. Wheeze the Juice -- Like I mentioned in my Waco trip overview, we were on a major acai bowl kick. This was the place we found to visit in OKC. This bowl was bigger and had more toppings if you ask me -- I liked it better I think! We also met some really cool people who worked there, which was fun to talk to them. 

2. Okay Yeah Coffee -- this was the coffee shop that was connected to the Plant Shoppe. Again, it wasn't open (on a Monday which I thought was strange) so we didn't actually get to go inside, which was really sad. But, it was probably the top recommended spot by everyone we knew to check out, so I definitely have intentions of going back there! It was really adorable on the inside. 
3. Food Trucks -- I would also recommend checking out the food trucks we ate at -- I always just think the concept of them are so fun. We only had a little dessert at one of them, and we ate it so fast there wasn't any pictures to prove it! One of the friends we were staying with actually got it for free because the owner of the truck was hitting on her a little bit. We didn't want to say no to free dessert! But each day there are different options to choose from which is neat. 

We were also recommended to eat at Cafe Kacaco, Flint, Empire Slice Pizza, and Cuppies Coffee among others! We just didn't have enough time or large enough stomachs to eat at all the cool places!


1. OKC Wall -- This was such a fun spot! It was in the Midtown area. I loved it because it looks like a cute little post card. It honestly amazes me how talented people are and that someone can paint that much detail!

Angel Wing Wall -- I loved this one because it was the perfect spot since I am a Pi Phi. It also reminds me of the angel wing wall that is in LA that I have always wanted to go to! 

Thanks for reading y'all! Hope you enjoyed and have a great week!


  1. I've only been to OKC once and we barely did anything because we were just there for a day for my sister's horse show. I am definitely saving this post for when I go back :)

    Lauren Lindmark

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