Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I have recently done a little shopping, and what better way to introduce fashion to my blog than to show y'all the goodies I picked up?! I want my blog to include lifestyle and fashion pieces, so lets get started! I have to say, Target is probably my favorite store ever. To say I go there weekly, sometimes even more than once a week is a little crazy, but I could spend hours getting lost in Target. Its my happy place. :) Anyways, I went to target looking for some sort of bin to put my nail polish in. Since I'm going to college soon, I'm having to think very practically about storage and space and the bin that my nail polish is currently in would serve be better in a different way in college. The bin is super nice and only cost me a couple of dollars.
Now that I got the boring stuff out of the way, lets get into the more fun items. I bought a t-shirt from the brand Mossimo Supply Co. It is a basic, crew neck, black and white t. And let me just say, I am completely obsessed with stripes. This is probably my fourth black and white striped shirt and here I am, buying more! It was only nine bucks so I couldn't really pass it up.
Next I bought a swim suit, kind of on a whim. Last summer, I was swimsuit OBSESSED. I probably bought 10-15 tops and a few bottoms last summer. So needless to say, I did not buy any this summer. However, when I saw Target had all their swimwear at $14 a piece, I was a little drawn in. This year, they also began selling size xs--another enticing factor because that fits me better. So, I bought this swimsuit. It caught my eye for sure, the bright colors were very unique to me. It also kind of reminded me of the Triangl brand swimsuits that seem to be very popular these days. I also love Target because they sell the "Victoria's Secret" style of swimsuit with push up for those of us lacking in that department.
The last item I bought I found on clearance. I always find that I have a need for belts but I dont own many, and I dont like the ones I do own much. I found this one for under $7!
Its bright orange and is a skinny belt. I think it will be a fun pop of color to a basic outfit. I'm sure I will be posting an OOTD with it soon! Hope you guys enjoyed my little blog-haul. I am definitely a shop-a-holic so I'm sure there will be many more to come! Xoxo, Kenzie

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