Monday, November 10, 2014

Plaid, Fur, and Perfect Sundays.

This weekend, I went home and it was absolutely perfect. It was so nice to go home and just relax and get away. It was much needed time! I got to see my siblings, my parents, my dogs...what could be better!

Yesterday was a wonderful day. In the morning, I went to church, had Panera for lunch, and spent a little more time with my family before coming home to Manhattan. I decided to break out some of my favorite fall pieces this weekend as well!

{sadly I didn't have anyone to take my pictures because I was all alone but I made it work!}
{my fur vest is one of my favorite items in my wardrobe. I actually got it in the kids section at Target, go figure! I got mine a few seasons ago, but they still have some cute ones out this season too!}
Aside from my vest, I wore a white button-up oxford that I got on sale at J.Crew earlier this season. I love finding bargains at pricier stores! My necklace has also been featured on my blog about a million other times because I'm completely obsessed with it. I'm also wearing my staple fall lipstick from Maybelline I talked about a few posts ago.

{my bag is from Macy's and I love it. It was the perfect fall pop against my otherwise neutral outfit. I got it for Christmas a few years ago so unfortunately I doubt you can find the exact bag. My grey jeggings are a new love of mine that I got on clearance at Target for about $7. They fit perfectly and were so comfortable. Lastly, my nude flats were also from Target.} 

{lastly, my nail polish is one of my absolute favorite colors for the season. It didn't have a name, but I got it at Ulta for only a couple dollars. Definitely worth checking out!}

Now I'm sitting in the library typing this post because the wifi in my dorm is absolutely awful. It was a wonderful weekend, but I'm ready for a great week too! Until next time...

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