Tuesday, May 26, 2015

outfit of the day: neon tribal

today I'm coming at you with another outfit of the day featuring my new Target sandals, and let me just say I am officially obsessed with them! I love the pop of neon and they are a lot easier to style than I expected.

I also want to give a side note...I went on a kayaking/float trip yesterday and basically got super sunburnt so I look ridiculous. Not to mention it is quite painful!

But here is the outfit that I wore today!

{today's outfit!}

So, I started off with this neon tribal print dress. It is a shift dress, so it is super comfortable but still looks nice which basically describes my style. It is black, cream, and neon coral.

{I usually don't go for tribal print but I really love this dress!}

Unfortunately, I received this dress from a friend who didn't like it, and I believe it came from Paris which means you probably can't find the exact one, but I know I have seen some similar ones in different boutiques and on Pinterest.

{necklace is from Target and is one of my favorites!}

I kept the accessories to a minimum because the dress is pretty loud, but I did put on my silver jeweled necklace from Target that I probably over wear, but it's my absolute favorite necklace and I think it just completes the look! I know J.Crew has very similar styles, or you could always check Etsy -- I love their jewelry selection.

{can you tell I wore my Chacos yesterday? l o l}

I also wore my new Target sandals again. I don't know why, but they don't photograph well -- the color of the shoes matched my dress perfectly. I got so many compliments on them and I am just in love with these shoes and how comfortable they are! (I also look way more red/burnt in this picture, the coloring is a tad weird)

{another overview of my outfit}

Hope y'all enjoyed and I will definitely be posting more looks soon. Until then, I will be avoiding the sun as much as possible and praying this burn fades to a tan!


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