Friday, May 1, 2015

tour de compadre!!!!

last night I had the best night ever.

Maybe not ever, but it was one of the highlights of my freshman year for sure.

I was completely devastated because I couldn't see my the show in Kansas City (the show that was less than two hours away) but then Nate surprised me with tickets to see the show in Oklahoma City! So we went home (to my house) for a day and a half and then drove to Oklahoma and then back to Wichita last night, and then home to Manhattan this morning. It was a little crazy, but college is meant for crazy things right?

We got to OKC a bit early, which meant we had time to hit the outlet malls. I love shopping, and I definitely love outlet malls a lot. So it was just a win-win situation.

Anyways, the concert was amazing. I am a (new) huge fan of Drew Holcomb, so I got to see him again which was awesome. And I am totally in love with Ben Rector's music so I was pumped to see him. Colony House and Needtobreathe were both amazing too! I didn't know those two as well, but it was still a blast to hear them perform.

It was also convieniently Nate and I's 8 month "anniversary" if you will...I'm not usually one to obnoxiously celebrate months but I'm still so thankful for this year and having him in my life!!

Below are some pictures from the night. (I wasn't able to get many...woops)

It was an amazing night, filled with Whataburger, shopping, laughs, adventures, good music, and great company. Thankful I get to do life with such a fun guy!

until next time...

{Nate and I before the concert!}

{They shot off confetti during the encore. Ben, Drew, Needtobreathe and Colony House all came back on stage and sang together! It was awesome and hilarious, too.}

{Nate and I again, because we had to get another picture I guess! Such a great night.}

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