Monday, July 20, 2015

• weekend wrap up •

Hey y'all!

The past few days have been a whirlwind -- and I have gotten to do a few really fun things that I of course wanted to share with y'all. I've been crazy busy so I haven't had time to blog until now!

First off, I went peach picking!! I love picking fruit -- and peaches are one of my favorites. The past few summers, we have been able to make time to cross that off the summer bucket list, and once again we made it happen! I went with my grandparents, which of course was so fun and such a treat. I got a big box of amazing peaches, and I'm sad to say we've almost eaten all of them at my house!

The other super fun thing I did this weekend was go to the lake! We've been boating before, but this was my family's first time tubing. Which was a total blast, I must say! I am still sore two days later (embarrassing). But one crazy thing that happened -- when we got there, I saw that my friends, Blair and Shane, were both posting pictures of the lake. I quickly texted Blair asking where they were at, and it turns out they were at the same lake, Lake Tenkiller! How crazy is that?!

We said we would meet up if we could, but with it being a huge lake it didn't really seem possible. So how crazy is it that we drove up to some cliffs to jump off...and the Pullman family was driving their boat past us! So we ended up meeting back up for lunch, swimming, and then they took my brothers and I out water skiing. It was a blast, and such a treat to see my friends there, too!

I think my favorite part of the entire lake day was the fact that my brothers brought their GoPro, and we got some pretty sweet footage/pictures out of it. I also loved the cliff jumping -- some of the cliffs we jumped off were 40 and 50 feet tall! It was scary, but so fun, too.

All in all, it was a weekend for the books. I can't believe summer is coming to a close in just a few short weeks! I am making the most of it while I can.


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