Thursday, June 16, 2016

what's on my fashion rack // june edition

hey y'all!

so I have a spot in my room that is my go-to for inspiration -- and I call it my fashion rack! I hang eight of my go-to pieces there, outside of my closet so that they are always in sight and I can grab them if I'm in a hurry or need to put together a look super easily. I decided that this spot would be the perfect way to incorporate a new series on my blog. Kind of like a monthly favorites, each month (or just whenever I feel like my selection has changed) I want to share with y'all what I have hanging so you can see what my must-haves are. So, lets get into what's on my fashion rack!

For starters, I purchased this hanging clothing rack from Target for under $25 (I don't remember the exact price, but it was really cheap). It isn't the sturdiest piece, but it works well for what I use it for because I don't keep more than eight items on it at a time. Below it, I have a few bins of miscellaneous items. One of them has some of my new/favorite shoes (ones I reach for constantly) and another bin has a few new clothing pieces that I need to feature in blog posts or wear to work. I hang a few hats or scarves on the sides as well. Now onto the specific pieces.

1. chambray off the shoulder top. This top should come at no surprise that it made it onto my fashion rack this month...I think it's been in three blog posts already! I wear it all. the. time. It is so adorable and perfect for the summer when you're hot and don't want anything too tight against your body. I love the ruffle at the top and the light wash color.

2. white peplum tank. This was purchased from Old Navy and I love how effortless this tank is! I wear it with a bralette and basically any type of bottoms, and you look boho and stylish without hardly even trying. This is one of those easy pieces everyone should have!

3. boho printed top. In the summer, my style swings back and forth between preppy/classic and a bit more boho. I love this top because it is soooo flattering but still comfy and breezy. The pattern reminds me of Free People, but I also got this item from Old Navy!

4. lace up top. I love the lace up trend, but it took me a little bit to find a way to wear this without feeling like I was revealing waaay too much with the lace up part. This top seems a little more nautical and a little less edgy, which fits into my style really well. Another reason I love it is because I found it on clearance at Target for under $10!

5. Tropical dress. This dress is one of my new loves! I cannot get enough of it, and after owning it for only a few days, I have already worn it more than once! I got it from Gap Kids, but if you wear an XS/S you can totally wear a kids XL like me. it is flowy and not really form fitting, but its great for summer. I love the print too!

love this chambray dress | love the fit of this one!

6. Chambray striped dress. I love this dress! It is also from the Gap Kid section (I live in their dresses). I love the striped pattern and the unique detailing on the fabric itself. It is flowy and not super tight against my body as well, so I love it for summer so I don't ever get too hot. This one is on my list of items to shoot for the blog, so you should see a full outfit post on this dress soon :)

similar dress | love the detailing on this one!

7. Tie Dye dress. I am obsessed with tie dye printed things, and this is just one of the many examples of my obsession! I got this one also from Gap Kids last season, but there are so many tie dye printed things this summer that you can find something similar at Forever21 or even Target. I love the print and lightness of this dress too.

8. Pom pom trimmed kimono. This I purchased from H&M recently, and it is so cute! It is so easy to just throw on over a tank or a swimsuit for a casual day. I love the trim along the hem and I just can't get enough of it!

What are your fashion-must haves this season? And what are your thoughts on this being a series here on Klassically, Kenzie? Leave a comment down below, I'd love to hear :)

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