Friday, September 2, 2016

Transitional Must-Haves

hey y'all!

Since it is now September (cheers to that!) the transitional months are ahead of us! It can be awkward because your heart wants layers, but the temps still say shorts and dresses (sadness). Sometimes during these months I just honestly don't know what to wear, and I end up sweating to death because I am wearing sweaters and walking to class when its still 70 degrees out. So today I compiled a list of some of my favorite items available that would make great additions to your fall wardrobe! And can be worn now and also when it actually gets cold. :)

Chances are some of these items can already be found in your wardrobe, too! Pair comfy swing dresses with booties and a wool fedora for an easy, but still cool outfit. Rompers and skirts are also great because you aren't completely covered up in layers and clothing, but these ones come in beautiful fall colors which will make it look like you're dressed for cooler temps without sweating to death! I also included some basics, such as a simple white blouse and a striped tee, that can be worn with shorts and booties now, or jeans, cardigans, or vests! I LOVE the green vest I linked, seriously so cute. And my lace up flats are always a go-to, they scream fall but aren't going to make you hot like booties.

Hope y'all enjoyed! Oh, and happy Friday! If you follow me on Snapchat (klasskenzieblog) you might already know, but I drove home last night early for Labor Day weekend and am actually getting my wisdom teeth out today :/ I'm a little freaked out, but I'm sure it'll be fine! HA. Anyways, talk to y'all on Monday :)

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