Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Finds for Fall

hey y'all!

So this past month I have been on a "no-buy" month, where I have not bought clothes for the entire time. It has been really great to just assess my fall wardrobe and figure out what exactly I actually need, and to get rid of some stuff as well. I think I'll do a full post on my month-long shopping hiatus because I think it is really beneficial to cut back and only buy what you truly need! But, I still online "shop" -- or look, rather, and I am trying to formalize a list of things I actually do want to pick up for the upcoming cold months. Here is some of my top picks that I have discovered recently!

1. Blue velvet booties.
These are a major trend this season -- and I love this pair! These are under $50, and I love the unique color. The style/ankle height is super popular for this season and can be easily worn with any style of sweater or even a dress with tights. They have the perfect amount of edge and sass, which is right up my alley!

2. Ripped jeggings.
Okay, this is one item I actually do have, but I wanted to be sure and share these with y'all! They go in and out of stock constantly, but have been in stock the past few days. They are $37 and such a steal! They fit so well, and are so flattering. You definitely need this pair of jeggings!

3. Slip dress.
This is another big trend that I am super excited about, but haven't gotten my hands on yet. I love the slip dress trend -- it is definitely more edgy, but I can see myself wearing a sweater over the dress, or with a leather jacket for an even more bold look. This one also comes in a bunch more colors so you can definitely find one that fits your style!

4. Tassel earrings.
I had this pair of earrings in the summer time in a bright shade, but now they have been restocked in maroon and black -- and at under $10 they are a steal! I love statement earrings, and I love the new colors that are available. Paired with a simple sweater, these are a must-have to dress up any outfit this fall.

5. Window pane scarf.
I found this scarf while online shopping/looking the other day, and I just think it is so pretty! I am always a sucker for scarves and winter accessories, and I love the pattern on this one. You really can't go wrong with a new scarf for the season, and this one is definitely one you should check out!

6. Knit beanie.
Another winter accessory that I have my eye on is this knit beanie -- it is sooo soft (I have almost bought it in person several times but held back!) It also comes in tons of fall colors...I haven't made up my mind which I like best!

I hope y'all enjoyed this post -- and happy Friday! This weekend is Homecoming for K-State, so we have a parade tonight, and the football game tomorrow against Texas. I am excited -- I am going to also spend some quality "chill" time at home with my roommates which will be so nice, and much needed after a crazy, stressful week! Love y'all and thanks for supporting me and reading my blog!

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