Monday, November 28, 2016

leather and pom poms

Hey y'all!

Today's look is a little bit edgier but I love it for that reason! These leather paneled leggings have been in my closet since junior year of high school. I love them -- and they are actually so comfy because of the paneling, which also makes them a little less intense because they aren't full on all leather. I paired them with this casual boyfriend pocket tee, as well as these pom pom sneakers, which I know won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I love them! (My little brother was helping me shoot this look and told me it looked like I had cat toys on my feet...I told him I don't take fashion advice from people who wear sweats daily! haha)

I am back to school and studying like crazy because I have a big test this week -- I can't believe there is this week, next week, and then finals week. I'm not so sure if I am ready for finals yet! Today is also one of my besties Carolina's birthday! Yay!

Thanks for reading y'all, and talk to you in tomorrow's post!

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