Monday, January 16, 2017

Current Favorite: Nude/Brown Lipsticks

Hey y'all!

Happy Monday! Today I wanted to share with y'all my current favorite lipstick trend. I am a total lipstick junkie -- I can never leave Target without picking up a new one to try. I use to always opt for bright pinks and berry colors, but lately I have been loving browns and nudes. I have found a few favorites, all from the drugstore so they are affordable if you wanted to try them out, too!

1. ELF Lipstick in "Blushing Brown". 

At only $3, this one is the most affordable option! I love the formulation -- it is really soft and creamy and doesn't leave your lips feeling dry. It is the darkest one that I have, but I really like it! Its perfect for fall/winter. I like that this one has hints of red.

2. NYX Liquid Lipstick in "Lace Detail". 

This one has a much different formulation than the others -- it is a little bit drying, but I really like the color and how seriously matte it is. It is more of a nude color and less brown. This one actually belongs to my bestie/roommate Shelby but we tend to share lipsticks often! 

3. Avon Lipstick in "Marvelous Mocha".

I think this one is my all time favorite one that I have shared in this post -- the formulation is my favorite of all of them. It is matte, but not chalky or drying. I also love the color -- it is bold enough to add color to your face, but not too much for an everyday look. Plus, it is super affordable too!

Thanks for reading this post -- I hope you enjoyed! I am always testing out new lipstick colors and I love doing that. If you have any recommendations for ones I should try, definitely let me know and I will pick them up :)

Hope you all are having a fabulous Monday! I am headed back to college today -- I am excited to start a new semester tomorrow. I'm ready to get back into a routine and a set schedule as I really had nothing set in stone for the entire month that I was on winter break. I plan to have some organizational/motivational/school related content up in the next few weeks :)

Talk to y'all in my next post!

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  1. LOVE all of these colors! I think #3 is also my fav, they all look amazing on you :)

    Lauren Lindmark