Friday, July 21, 2017


Hey y'all -- happy Friday! :)

Today I am sharing a simple outfit because sometimes that's what we all need! I have trouble putting together things to wear for work because we are allowed to wear jeans, but I can't really get away with all the fun rompers and tank tops and things like that I would normally wear during the summer. I love this look because it is simple, put together, but still has bits of color that can show my style a bit more than regular office attire if you know what I mean ;)

Another great thing -- each one of these pieces are under $35 each! So not only is it an easy, go-to outfit, but these are great staple pieces at a really reasonable price point. This blouse is so lightweight and perfect for summer -- and I've only talked about these jeans a million times on here! I will cry when they stop selling them...hopefully they never do! Lastly, these shoes are my favorite, perhaps of all time. I definitely own them in three different colors because they are so cute + I love the added bit of a heel!

Do you all have a favorite staple piece you love? Leave me a comment below telling me so I can check them out!

I'm so glad its the weekend for a lot of, who doesn't love Fridays? Two, I get to see a ton of my family passing through town tonight which I am so pumped for! Three, I finally get to see Nate after a few months apart for the weekend :) He flies in today and after work I am rushing to the airport to pick him up! I can't wait. Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend, too!

Thanks for reading!

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