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Hey y'all!

So last month, I saw my friend Cristina of Christina Was Here (check out her blog here) do something really cool. She created a mood board for the month, which helped to illustrate her goals and plans for the month. I thought it was a great way to have a visual reminder of what you want to accomplish and the vibes you want to set for the month to come.  I decided to make one for the month of August, and I think it would be a fun tradition to try and maintain. I want to print them out and hang them up in my room so I can keep the inspiration alive all month! Below is the board I created.

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Goals/Themes for the Month of August

1. Get organized.
This month I head back to school -- and I want to start off the school year organized and with my life all together! I want to make sure my room, my house, and my school/work/personal life are all organized so that I can make the most of my last (eek!) year of college. I have some organizational supplies for my room I want to buy so I will do that in the next few weeks!

2. Hair/braids.
I included this photo because I want to try out some new hairstyles! I have been pinning a bunch of ideas, and I want to make sure to take care of my hair this month. I want to try and use heat less, and try out some fun braids to switch it up. I want my hair to be as healthy and long as possible for my wedding! I have been taking some extra vitamins so hopefully that helps too :)

3. Pretty room decor.
Since I am heading back to school, I want to enjoy my room again! I bought a new rug recently, and I was thinking of rearranging my room so that it was just fresh and different for this school year. Along with my new organizational items I want to be able to just enjoy my room and love the decor I have! I also want to put up a few prints to spruce up the walls, too.

4. Blush pink.
I don't know why but I was just drawn to blush as a color theme for the month! I love how sweet and fresh it is while still being a color (aka not white). It is so calm and pretty and I just love looking at all these photos with blush in them! 

5. Healthy life!
This summer I ate really healthy and worked out when I could, but I just stuck to running and the occasional calisthenic circuits. This month, with going back to school, I want to push myself to try some different workouts and new healthy recipes. I have been pinning some ideas lately -- and with the rec center my school has, I want to try a few different types of workouts each week! 

6. Sneakers
I saw these blush sneakers and I knew they had to make it onto the board! I have started this sneaker obsession recently and I can't stop! I blame it on my internship this summer for always having shoes on my mind...I can't help it because I lived and breathed shoes for three months! But I just love pairing them with casual outfits and going for that sporty/athleisure vibe. 

7. Quote for the month.
I wanted to motivate myself and remind myself that whatever comes my way this month, I can do it! I want to inspire a positive attitude for the month and to just enjoy life and take advantage of it all this month. I like this quote as a reminder to do just that!

So those are my goals and inspiration points for the month! I hope you all enjoyed and maybe found some inspiration, too! Leave me a comment down below telling me your goals for the month too!

"The Lord isn't being slow about his promise, as some people think. No, he is being patient for your sake. He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent." 2 Peter 3:9

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