Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Welcome to a new month! Last month I created a mood board as inspiration for the month and I wanted to create another -- as well as share my goals/visions for the month to come. I love planning, looking ahead, and being motivated and excited to take on another month.

1. Create more content across numerous social platforms. Last month, I really focused on my Instagram and blog content and tried to create even better postings! This month, I want to give a greater attempt to my YouTube channel. I think each month for the rest of the year, I want to give a specific focus to a single platform to better utilize it to engage my followers. I want to share one video a week for the month of September.

2. Try an almond milk pumpkin spice latte. I don't know why, but this is my newest idea of a drink to test out at Starbucks! I am a sucker for a good PSL. :) I am sharing more about my goals for the fall in a post coming soon.

3. Buy/plant a pretty fall plant for my front porch. I have been wanting to pick up a mum from the grocery store every time I go -- so I think this month I am actually going to buy one and plant it in a pot on my porch. I love the pretty colors and I think it would look great in front of my house!

4. Try a new recipe. I tend to get into the same ruts of just eating all the same things over and over. I want to be sure to find a few new healthy recipes on Pinterest and commit to trying them!

1. Pearl jeans. I have been seeing these gorgeous pearl trimmed styles in just about every form of denim around! I love the fun added detail these give!
2. Luxe fabrics/details. Velvet, mesh, embroidery, and metallics are all big for fall and with the onset of September, it means fall is essentially here! I have been keeping my eye open to incorporate these gorgeous textiles into my fall wardrobe!
3. Oranges/pinks. Blush has been my major obsession as of late -- so that should come as no surprise that I am still loving it. I also am loving burnt orange as a fall inspiration color!

I hope y'all enjoyed this post! I am so excited to continue sharing fall content with y'all. 

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