Thursday, October 26, 2017


Hey y’all!

Today I wanted to share a fun post with y’all about my personal style. I love when people have defined style and hearing them talk about what inspires them to dress the way they do. I thought that would be fun to share and a good theme for today’s post! I called it my style in five...because this post is probably a quick read and will give you a summary of my style in under five minutes!

I thought I would try and define my style in one sentence for starters. I think my style is classic, girly, and bright with elements of current trends sprinkled in. I think for the most part, I stick to an everyday style that is simple but still fashion-forward and wearable. However, I also love to share more fashion-forward and daring content, which makes up a lot of my blog post content and things that I wear out and about when I’m not going to class. (because I am sure I would get some seriously weird looks if I showed up to class wearing some of the outfits I put together for the blog ha!) But with that being said, when I do incorporate trends I see from designers or on the runway, I first observe the trend for little bit and then make sure I can incorporate it into my own style in some way. That could be the things I pair it with (i.e. toning down a really edgy trend by wearing it with girlier pieces I already have) or just observing the versatility of the trend and making sure it is something that I can style in a way that fits my personal style.

As for today’s outfit, I love it so much! First off, I am a major fan of camo. These jeans are so fun and a great way to rock the camo trend! Mine are from a few seasons ago but I linked a pair that is currently in stock + so affordable. I paired the jeans with a simple mustard sweater, a sparkly bag, and some fun flatform shoes. This goes to show how I pair a trend (camo jeans, flatform sandals) and then throw in a more classic touch with a simple sweater!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I had fun writing it :) Talk to you tomorrow!

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