Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Hey y'all!

Happy Tuesday. Today I wanted to share another gift guide for y'all. I always have the hardest time coming up with good presents for the guys in my life. Especially when I am trying to shop for my fiance! So, I thought I would share a gift guide for guys extra early this season so that you can get started searching for that perfect gift!

First off, I shared a few go-to items that I think make perfect gifts. First off -- you really can't go wrong with a Patagonia pullover. I know my fiance has a ton of Patagonia stuff, but I love the quilted look of this jacket. Also, that color is my absolute favorite! I think this jacket would be a great option and something a little unique.

Next, I think a new pair of sneakers always makes for a great gift. I actually bought Nate the pair shown above for his bday and I think they are really cool. Again, I love the forest/hunter green :)

I also included a few basic items like a nice leather wallet or a baseball hat. I think either of those are something that would make a perfect gift! And then there's a few "fun" items or just kind of more random ones -- I think that portable thermos is so cool looking. I also love the look of the bottle opener and I think any guy could appreciate that and it would look cool on the wall in a man cave! 

Lastly, I thought I would share one of my favorite go-to gifts when you want to do something a bit more sentimental or if you're on a budget. Personally, I love photos, and I love buying a cool frame and getting a picture framed as a gift. Its definitely not something that a guy would probably buy for himself, but if you put a cute picture of you with your loved one in it, I know they'd love that! I have mounted a photo on white paper and then written a note around the photo as well and its just fun to give a more sentimental gift sometimes too!

I hope this helps if you are stumped on what to get your guy! Thanks for reading and talk to you in my next post.

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