Monday, November 6, 2017



Hey y'all!

Another Monday is here and I am sharing another post to ease into your week! If you're like me, I usually read my blogs in the morning, so I love getting to read them as I get ready or try and wake up for the day. Hopefully today will be fun and entertaining to read!

First, I wanted to talk about the outfit in today's post. I love coats and jackets for fall/winter...for starters, I am ALWAYS cold so I love being able to bundle up and wear layers. Its practical for starters! But, I also love the look of jackets as your main piece in a look. There are so many styles and options and its easy to look put together when you have a nice looking jacket or coat!

This one is soo cute in my opinion! It was only around $20 so basically a steal ;) I love the grey color, and I like that it is figure flattering by cinching in at the waist, but is long and actually really cozy and warm. I wore it shopping a few weekends back and while some people told me it looked like a robe...I like to think of it as a chic robe that kept me really warm. So its worth it in my opinion!

I paired the jacket with my favorite black jeans, a simple cream sweater, and some statement earrings, as well as my favorite black booties. Fun fact, when I was shooting this post with my little brother...I accidentally walked through a huge patch of mud and basically had all kinds of mud dangling from my shoes. It was really not cute and I was trying so hard to make it not visible in the photos! I promise I am classy and graceful but this moment was not one of those times ;)

Anyways, onto the topic for the day...I wanted to share 5 of my favorite retailers and explain why and what I love most about them!

1. Old Navy -- a great retailer when you are looking for affordable basics. This time of year, I love their simple crew sweaters, distressed denim, and vests. You can shop for anyone in your family here, and while they will have a few pieces here and there that are trendy, for the most part it is all wearable and modest. Plus who doesn't love a good deal?!
2. Target -- anyone who doesn't shop at Target is just silly. And anyone who knows me knows that I am basically Target's biggest advocate! 3/4 of my wardrobe is from Target. I love the price point for starters. I am totally a budget shopper and I don't like to spend too much on clothes, especially fashion/trend items. They also are pretty good about being a part of the major trends for a season in a wearable way. Lastly, they have great selections and their new lines are so fun! I can just get lost in Target for hours and their clothes and shoes do not disappoint.
3. Asos -- I kind of go in phases on Asos. This summer, I was on a major Asos kick! I love them because they carry a petite line, which is great for shorter gals like me! They also usually carry the same pieces in regular sizes, so if you aren't short, you aren't missing out either. They have a range of prices, so you can usually find something to fit your budget or price point. They are also pretty fashion-forward which I love because if I'm looking for a certain trend, I can generally find it there. My favorite pieces to buy here are dresses!
4. Boohoo -- this one I go back and forth on as well. They are from the UK and my biggest complaint is that the shipping takes forever. Its kind of like Asos, but Asos has much quicker shipping. They have insanely good prices and also carry petite sizes on popular trends. I have been into Boohoo more lately which you can probably tell from the blog!
5. Shein -- debated putting this one on here because its so controversial, but I honestly love testing out trending/far out pieces from Shein. They are so cheap and if  I decide that I don't want something, its easy to donate or sell at a consignment shop. If I'm looking for a good pair of jeans or a basic sweater to last me many seasons, I wouldn't look here. But, you can find random gems or designer dupes so I am all about that!

I hope you all enjoyed this little post and maybe even found a new shop to check out! Thanks as always for reading and happy Monday!

"Fight the good fight for the true faith. Hold tightly to the eternal life to which God has called you, which you have declared so well before many witnesses." 1 Timothy 6:12

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  1. i have been looking for this coat everywhere, i really love the colour and its length. it is perfect for the weather heading towards us