Saturday, January 27, 2018


Hey y'all!

Happy Saturday -- coming at you with a weekend post because I am feeling extra motivated to share more content since I have been tooootally slacking lately. I don't really know why, but it took me so long to get back into a routine and feel like being back at school was normal again. I am such a homebody and I just love my family -- I sometimes just take a bit to adjust after Christmas break and such! Anyways, hopefully I am back to my schedule and plan for all my blog content because I have a lot of fun stuff planned to share with y'all :)

Today's outfit is the perfect combination of edgy and girly if you ask me -- I love the contrast of the fur and embroidery, as well as the black and white! Plus, these booties just give me life *praise hands emoji*

Today I also wanted to share ten of my must-have winter fashion essentials -- the things that get me through the cold months (even though its weirdly warm in Kansas this weekend?) and how I continue to try to look cute even when I feel like I might die of frostbite (exaggeration? maybe but I really dislike the freezing cold!)

Faux fur. Basically a staple in my wardrobe during the winter! I love faux fur. Think coats, jackets, stoles, trimmed get the idea and if you follow me/my posts, you probably already know of my obsession! I think faux fur is so glam and sophisticated and makes for a really bold look.

Basic stripped tee. Y'all probably know by now too, that I love this basic tee. Its under $20 and the perfect find -- its flowy and can be worn with leggings or dressed up with a fun skirt. It also comes in multiple colors so snagging them all is totally worth it ;)

Bean boots. These are a classic and a total wardrobe staple of mine. They are perfect for winter weather and I always get a ton of use out of them. They are such a timeless piece, which I love because I will probably have them my whole life.

Teddy bear coats. Another major trend for this winter and something I am definitely excited is so popular! I love the giant, fluffy look of these coats and they are great for colder climates because you will definitely stay warm in these things. I found some affordable options as well for those wanting the look but not wanting to pay the designer price.

Skirts. These were a big trend this winter, and I was actually pretty excited about them! Its a fun way to still have a unique look because you can pair one skirt with several different tops -- more versatile and I always like putting together complete outfits. Paired with tights and boots, you can still stay warm and take on this trend! Check out one of my favorite skirts of the season here in a post from earlier this week!

Chunky sweaters. Of course who doesn't love a good chunky sweater for the winter time?! I am always looking for something warm and cozy to throw on for an easy outfit, whether I am going to work, class or just to grab coffee. I can never get enough sweaters in my life!

Leather leggings. A major favorite of mine this winter was my faux leather leggings that I purchased. While they were a splurge, I wear them multiple times per week and do not regret buying them whatsoever. They really suck you in, are so flattering and still comfortable. What more could you ask for?! They also come in a moto legging style which I really want too!

Fun hats. I am a huge sucker for cute beanies, baker boy hats, name it! Not only does it keep your head warm, but its a super cute way to dress up an outfit. Not to mention its great to cover up a bad hair day!

Bold booties. This was a big trend that I really loved for winter as well! Booties that made a statement were a big trend for winter, and it has made getting dressed that much more fun. Trying something new and bold can be really fun, and I enjoyed pairing these new trends into my winter wardrobe so far. Plus, they are affordable so it isn't something that you have to shell out a ton of money to test out! New trends are great for winter because getting dressed can be boring when its so cold and you just want to be warm. 

Fun sunglasses. I'm always a big sunglass gal, but its great for the winter months because you can take your same basic sweater and wear a different pair of sunglasses and pairs of shoes, and suddenly you have more versatility in your wardrobe! They are a great way to make an added statement without too much extra work because I am always finding affordable options for $15 or less, which is the perfect way to try out a new look in my opinion.

Shop all my must have mentions in these widget!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and are having a great weekend! Be sure to tell me about your must have winter clothing/accessory pieces.

As I mentioned yesterday, I went to a concert last night with a bunch of friends and today I get to see my family (and puppy!!!!) I can't wait. Have a great weekend y'all!:)

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