Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Hey y'all!

Happy Wednesday! I hope y'all are having a great week and staying warm!

Today in honor of Valentines's Day, I wanted to share a post of 14 things that I love. I am personally a big fan of Valentine's Day...for a lot of reasons. Of course I love all things girly, pink, hearts, etc. and who doesn't love chocolate?! But I also love telling people I love them and I'm thankful for all the amazing people in my life. Of course I love a day that celebrates all the wonderful people in my life!

So, here are 14 random things that I love:

1. Obviously my family...I am blessed with a wonderful family and they are some of my best friends! My parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, fiancé, and my future family-in-law!!!
2. My dogs. I am a huge dog person and I just can't get enough of them! I have a dog with my fiancĂ© -- Scout -- and then my parents have three dogs -- Sage, Remi and Wyatt (our new puppy). We are biiig dog people ;)
3. Peanut butter -- y'all this is one thing I just can't ever give up no matter how healthy I try to eat! I pretty much have it in some form every morning for breakfast.
4. Sunsets. I love watching sunsets and sunrises too! I am always the person who tries to snap a picture of how pretty they are but they are the best reminder that some things in life are just worth enjoying without sharing. Living in the moment and knowing when to just sit back and shut your phone off is key!
5. Fresh flowers. Kind of goes perfect with the holiday? ha. But I used to hate flowers. I thought they were dumb...like why waste money on something that is just going to have to be thrown away in a few days? But in the past few years I have just grown to love them. They add so much to a room and just make me happy to look at.
6. drinking coffee. I am a huge coffee person. I just about always have a couple cups each morning. I love it black with just a little almond milk. These days I have really gotten away from really sugary drinks and I just enjoy the coffee itself. I feel like that's the mark of being a grown up? Not sure but I definitely feel that way.
7.  exploring and adventuring. I think this is something I will always love. I have grown up loving the outdoors thanks to my dad. We often went camping, fishing, or hunting together. When we could, my family took vacations that allowed me to see the world a bit. I love being able to see new places, cultures, and just get out of my box a little!
8. Running -- y'all probably know by now but I am an avid runner. Its about the only form of exercise I truly enjoy and I love getting better and better as I train more. I have ran 5ks and one half marathon -- this year I want to run another half, and then maybe go on and train for a full marathon!
9. Cooking. I also feel like so many people love to eat out...but I would so much rather try a new recipe at home! I love trying new foods and experimenting with recipes from Pinterest!
10. Mornings. I think I hold the unpopular opinion that mornings are better than any other time of the day! I always say that if I had the option, I would work from 6AM-2PM or something like that. I am always so tired in the afternoons, no matter how much I sleep! I would thrive on a situation like that. But, I always enjoy waking up and drinking coffee and just enjoying the mornings. Sometimes I run before work or class, but I always just love knowing that I am up and awake and getting things done before others are even awake.
11. Being creative. I love getting to express myself, do crafts, or create things visually. I love design and making things! I am always working on a DIY project and especially love my college program and future field of work because it allows me to create.
12. Lipstick. I am a firm believer that a fun lipstick is a real game changer! I love bright and bold colors and I always feel my best when I'm wearing one.
13. Burning candles. This is another thing I have grown to love. I love a good candle and every time I go to Bath and Body Works I always love smelling every single candle even if I already have it or know what it smells like!
14. Making lists. While I love being creative and exploring I am also such a type-A person and lists are just my lifesaver. I make lists for everything and find such satisfaction in crossing things off once I finish them!

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