Thursday, February 1, 2018


Hey y'all!

Happy Thursday!

Today I wanted to share a few tips on how to wear all the latest styles while still sticking to a budget. As a college student who loves fashion, I have to balance testing out all the new trends with a very limited budget! I have acquired a few practices to make sure that I can have both!

1. Use Pinterest. I think I get a lot of my style inspiration from Pinterest. There is so much creative inspiration there for all aspects of your life! I am kind of addicted to it. But, I have different boards for seasonal style, as well as a board that I pin things I want to look for or try out. That way I have inspiration on how to wear what I already have, but also inspiration for seeking out new trends.

2. Try new stores. I think the best way to find cool pieces is to always be willing to test out a new store. My favorites are Asos, Boohoo, Urban Outfitters, Target, Old Navy, etc. but I recently came across new stores such as 2020Ave and Pretty Little Thing that I really like as well. I've even purchased clothes off Amazon -- the options are endless! The retail industry is very oversaturated so there are always new stores popping up. Being willing to try new things will not only push you to expand your style but also find the best pieces to add to your wardrobe. 

3. Do your research. This is a big way that I find things that match the looks I am going for without paying the major price tag of designers. I am a huge online shopper, so if I see a style I want to wear, I will first head to Google and search as many ways as I possibly can to pull up whatever it is I am looking for. I often times try to word my searches differently to find what I am looking for. Google Shop will pull lots of different retailers and you can hopefully find someone selling what you are looking for that matches your price point!

4. Know how to mix and match. Kind of going along with tip #1, but I always make sure that I can picture wearing something in a few different ways to make sure that it is versatile enough. If I can only see myself wearing it once or twice, it needs to be either really cheap or I just shouldn't buy it at all! I think its important to build your wardrobe and add really cool pieces, but still be wearable for daily style/work/class etc.

5. Try DIY's. Sometimes I see a designer piece that is hundreds of dollars, but I know I can easily make something really similar. Weigh the cost if you can't find a dupe and get crafty! I am personally really into DIY projects so that doesn't intimidate me. For example, I saw a designer oversized denim jacket with pearl embellishments all over it. It was like $300 which I would never EVER spend on a trendy item. But, I think I could easily make something to give myself a similar look for the smallest fraction of a cost. Being willing to make things is entertainment and saves money!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I hope these tips were helpful and be sure to check out my Pinterest for inspiration -- I am always pinning new stuff. Thanks so much for reading and I will talk to y'all in tomorrow's post!

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