Thursday, April 5, 2018


I always find it difficult to transition from winter to spring, and figuring out how to dress cute, and seasonally appropriate without freezing to death. Can anyone else relate? Here in Kansas it really doesn't get warm until late May, so even wearing shorts can be too much! One thing I've noticed is that the cabby hats/baker boy hats we wore all winter are still a trend going into spring. While I am usually a brights + colorful kinda gal in the spring, this bolder/chic/military-esque vibe is kinda fun to test out too! 

I paired mine with a simple tee (my favorite all throughout winter) which I extended the wear out of by wearing it with shorts. I for whatever reason love the combination of shorts and longsleeve tees/sweaters/sweatshirts. My shorts are a total fav, and if you are looking for a complete guide to modest shorts, check out the post I did recently all about where to find modest, affordable shorts! I also love the miltary green color of this hat. Lastly, I wore my favorite under $30 espadrille platform sandals. Y'all I think I've worn these 50 times this spring already I just love them!

What do you think of this trend for spring? Leave a comment down below!


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