Thursday, June 21, 2018


Hello, friends, long time no blog post!

Like literally...its been over two months. I honestly had not planned on taking this long of a break from blogging, but it just kind of happened. The past few months have been crazy busy, and of course that's no excuse but I'm really excited to try and get back into the swing of things! I say try because life is still crazy busy, but I just really miss sharing posts regularly like I used to. 

Today, I wanted to share what I have been up to, as well as a few snapshots of what my life has been like! Keep reading for all the details :)

First off, where have I been? 

Well, for starters, I graduated college! Woo!

I honestly still can't believe I'm all done with college and school forever. Its a great feeling to know I don't have homework ever again too ;) It was so much fun to have tons of family there to watch me walk across the stage. And a funny story about graduation -- my little brother actually had his graduation party the same night as my graduation. So, I ended up ditching the line after I walked and ran away so that we could leave and make it to his party on time! It was so awkward but also so funny! Pictured above are my grandparents and I!

The end of college was also a really fun time. I spent so many nights laughing and making some great memories with my besties. Next is a few pictures of my favorite gal in the whole wide world, my sweet friend Megan. She's seriously the best! I got to watch her compete in track (shes a pole vaulter) and just spend a lot of time together.

Next, I spent a couple weeks back at home -- mainly prepping for the wedding. However, I was able to spend a ton of time at home getting to hang with my family and make more memories with them. It was such a special time and I am so grateful for that time! While I was there, I saw my sister's 8th grade promotion, one of my brothers go to prom and graduate, and spent some QT with the rest of my fam. :)

Next, I got married!!!!! Seriously the most magical day ever, and I have to remind myself every day that this is my life and I get to spend the rest of my life with my favorite guy in the whole wide world. It is seriously so great being married. I am of course going to share so much more in the coming weeks/months about the wedding, including some posts I hope future brides will find helpful because I know all the tips and tricks are always great! 

(photo by Kayley Haulmark. Visit her page here)

Then of course we went on our honeymoon which was the next best thing I've ever experienced besides our actual wedding. We went to Maui, Hawaii for ten whole days and every single day Nate and I ask if we can go back to Hawaii because it was seriously paradise. I am planning to share an entire post about what we loved most about Maui because I could probably write an entire book about it! (I'll spare y'all the boredom and keep it as short as possible...ha)

Lastly, we moved into our new apartment and we both started our first adult jobs. Its been a major adjustment to work full time, but we are figuring it out and the best part is that we are together! I have been obsessing over decorating and making our little place as cute as possible. I have had so much fun dreaming it up and then seeing it come to life. Luckily Nate is on board too...even if its just prepared with a drill and a tool kit ready to put my bookshelves, TV stand, lamps, etc. together ;)

Here is a sneak peak of my favorite spot in our house -- this little sitting area. I love when I have time to sit here in the mornings and drink my coffee and just prep for the day. Its the perfect little cozy spot!

I think that about sums up what my life has been like the past few weeks. I hope y'all enjoyed this post -- and stay tuned in the days and weeks to come for more 'regular' wedding planning tips, outfit ideas, home decor, and more! I'm excited to get back to blogging and hope y'all are too!

Until next time,

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