Wednesday, April 3, 2019


Hey y'all!

Today I am sharing 13 random facts...I used to do these posts and I love them! Sometimes you just have random things to talk about!

1. I have been loving monochromatic outfits like the one I am wearing in these photos! Especially the pinks together. I also love all white, greens, etc. It makes getting dressed really easy because you just look for things that are similar! P.S. my sweater and skirt are each under $25 too so if you want to recreate this look, its super affordable!

2. I've been on a major cleaning/organizing/purging spree....I have organized almost all the closets in our house, gotten rid of a lot of clothes, and just majorly organized spaces that were in some serious need of attention.

3. I have gotten back into running lately. I went through a phase after my half marathon that it was just not as enjoyable anymore...but my friend Mady was in town a few weekends ago, and she was always my running buddy when we lived in Lawrence last summer/fall and I was reinspired :) 

4. Nate and I are planning a trip to the beach for our one year anniversary and I am sooo excited. I have been wanting to go to the beach for so long....I wish Kansas had beaches and I would never want to leave! haha. That's a perk of living in Texas four hours we can be at the B E A C H !!!! We have the cutest airbnb booked and I can't wait. 

5. We have been talking about getting a puppy in the fall. We are travelling a ton in the next few months (think busy every single weekend except for about four until July!!! literally insane). So that's why it has to wait awhile. We could never agree on a breed but have started tossing around the idea. We need something to keep us home more so we can be present in we'll see what comes of that idea. I dog sat for a younger dog last week and forgot how much energy they had...we are used to Scout being so chill and sleepy all the time since he is sooo old. 

6. My mom's birthday is Sunday and I can't wait to see her and spent the weekend together! and eat cake....yummmm.

7. Something about the weather warming up has me in such a better mood. Even though  I work all day and don't get to be outside all that much, its still great.

8. I have been eating really healthy for the most part and it feels so good! I have also been experimenting with cutting out meat (except for the occasional chick fil a) and that has also been amazing. I have never really liked meat, and that just means room for more veggies which I love!

9. I have started to work on photography on the side, mainly just for fun but I've been picking up a few clients here and there and it has been so much fun! I love photos, and I love editing the images and creating things people love. So if you ever need photos taken, I'm your girl ;)

10. I tried making homemade bread a few days ago and it was really yummy! I felt really cool and I love knowing that foods I eat have simple ingredients and aren't processed. 

11. My cousins Anna and Julia are coming in a few weeks to go to the Eric Church concert! I am so excited to see them and to get to spend the weekend with them here in Dallas. My cousin Julia is coming to school at TCU next fall so it will be a blast having her that close! (even though Ft. Worth is like an hour away....still can't wait)

12. A goal of mine for this spring/summer is to have a little herb garden. It will have to be indoors because we don't have a balcony or porch or backyard (apartment probs) but if you have any tips, please let me know. I usually kill plants but want to give it a shot!

13. One of my favorite things about our new place here in Dallas is that I can walk to Trader Joe's. I love the variety of food they have there...and tons of stuff to make easy meals! I made greek tacos last week with this yummy tzatziki sauce I got there and they were sooo good. 

That's all I have for today's post -- I love doing these '13 Things' posts because I can just talk about whatever I want and give a 'life update' sort of thing. Let me know if you like them! Thanks for reading and talk to y'all in my next post.


"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility consider others as more important than yourself. " Philippians 2:3

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