Friday, September 13, 2019


Hey y'all and happy Friday!

I wanted to start a series on my blog where I share a fashion trend I am excited about, and show y'all how to incorporate it into your wardrobe. For today's post, I wanted to start with something that could fit into anyone's style -- hats!

Hats are my absolute favorite accessory. They are easy to wear, cover up a bad hair day, and add a statement for sure! Now that they are super on-trend, they are easy to find and can be budget friendly, too! Here are four different styles I am loving. 

1. Wide brim hats. This is my classic, go-to look. This hat was an investment, but I wear it every day just about, so I think by now I have gotten my money's worth! Floppy hats were a big trend a few seasons ago, and now the trend has moved to a more structured look like this one. 

skirt | jacket (similar) | shoes | hat

2. Berets. This was a trend last fall/winter, and it is back again. This year there are a ton of different options and material interest, which is super fun. I looove this leopard one! It definitely gives a classier, Parisian vibe, but you can wear it a lot of different ways.

sweater | beret | sneakers

3. Cabby hat. Another big trend from last season that is back is the cabby hat -- sometimes called fisherman, lieutenant, or baker boy hat. Love this pop of red -- but you can find leather, black, velvet, and tons of fun fall touches in this style of hat.

4. Embellished hats. This is a fun addition to the sturdier, stiffer brimmed hat like I mentioned above, but I love the added touch of an embellishment to the hat. I have seen ribbons, embroidery, fun material, studs, and more! 

dress | sweater | shoes | hat (similar)

Hope you all enjoyed this post -- what do you think of hats or what is your favorite type? Thanks so much for reading.


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