Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Hey y'all and welcome back to the blog!

Today I thought I would share another 13 things post where I just give yall some random facts/life updates. I always like reading posts like these to see what people are up to!

1. I have been loving projects, DIYs and making my own clothing items and accessories! I can never sit still long enough to watch movies or do anything like that, so projects keep me and my mind busy and I also love the feeling of accomplishing them ;)
2. I took a hiatus from running because I hurt something in my leg/ankle but we discovered that if we take Camper for runs, she is completely pooped the rest of the I've been running some more and it feels great!
3. Lusting over these sneakers. Back in high school we had a pair that looked really similar and i hated them back then....but now they are trendy and I like them again LOL. Its funny how things come back in style. I try to never say "I will NEVER wear that" because a lot of times I end up liking trends later!
4. I've been waking up in the mornings pretty early somewhere between 5-6. I use the extra morning time to blog, have a little quite time, or just relax and spend time with Camper. Shes the sweetest and its going to be so sad when shes no longer so cute and small. Having the extra time in the morning really helps set my day off right!
5. I've found some really great sweaters lately at walmart of all places. I'm going to share a try on soon with all the pieces i've gotten on Instagram so be sure to follow me for more info!
6. I'm so excited for it to be cooler in texas....we are finally having 70-80 degree days and I just want to go camping! I've been wanting to do that since summer time but didn't want to have a heat stroke outside hah.
7. I've been wearing less makeup on a daily basis and I love it. I usually just go for this concealer and this mascara. Not only does it take so much less time but it feels good to let my skin breathe! 
8. Nate and I have decided that we should always have two dogs. We loved having just scout but it feels so much more complete now that we have camper too!
9. Nate just challenged me to get rid of 10 pairs of shoes and the sneakers I linked above can be mine. This is going to be tough but y'all....surely I can do it.
10. Been seeing so many photos of Vermont in the fall and I have added it to my travel bucket list.
11. I cleaned out my closet recently and did a major purge and it feels so good. I don't wear half of the things hanging in there (we also have a really bad closet situation in this condo so its impossible to see everything). Also I'm a hoarder so its always good for me to pair back and do more with less. 
12. Having a hard time believing October is already half over! Where is the year going? I saw a meme that said we are two months away from this decade being over....and I just felt old. Sometimes I still feel like its 2010 and yet we are about to start a new decade!
13. We are going back to Manhattan this weekend to watch a K-State game and I couldn't be more excited! I am also taking a day off work on Friday and I am PUMPED. I need a day to relax so I am really looking forward to it. I'm also getting my hair done Friday, and if you've seen me in person you know I am really needing some help. so it'll be a great day.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope y'all enjoyed this post. Have a great day!


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