Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Hey y'all!

Like a lot of us, I am a total Amazon junkie. I think its so great that Amazon has just about anything and everything I need. I love seeing what other people are ordering, so I like to share what's been in my Amazon cart as of recently, too in case you like seeing what's out there :)

1. Baking Soda. I use this to clean with, so I ordered a huge bag. Its super cheap too!

2. Carhartt Beanie. My cousin got this for Christmas and I have been seeing them I snagged one for myself. I got a brown color that will go with a lot of things. I'm also always cold, even though its actually warm out here in Dallas so this will get a lot of use!

3. Macrame Yarn. I am trying to make a macrame chandelier (stay tuned) and needed a backup stash of the yarn I am using to make it. Hoping it works! I love doing projects and need things like this to keep me busy.

4. Reusable Cotton Facial Pads. A new things I'm trying -- reusable in place of the cotton pads I use to take off my makeup. We shall see how I like them over time -- but I feel like it could definitely save money and be much better for the enviroment!

5. Oversized Sunglasses. I'm such a sunglasses girl....always have been. I love wearing big, statement sunglasses, and this one totally fit the bill! Plus, they are only $13. They are also a Fendi dupe, if you care about those types of things :)

6. Velvet Hair Bows. I got these to wear for the holidays because they are so cute and would be adorable with a neutral outfit. However, I underestimated how short I cut my hair right before Christmas LOL. So, didn't actually get to wear them. But I wish I did!

7. Birkenstock Clog Dupes. My most worn pair of shoes right now. I had been seeing people rocking these Birkenstock mules again (I wore them in elementary school) and I thought I would hop on board the train again. But, I found a cheaper version (about 1/3 of the cost!) so I was all about it. 

8. No Show Socks. These socks are a GAME. CHANGER. I am always wearing booties and sneakers and never want my socks to show. I am known to not wear socks in the name of fashion....and everyone I know freaks out on me. So these are a great option because they will not be seen even in your low cut shoes! #winning

9. Running Shoe In Soles. Another boring one but hey we all have those necessary but not so glam purchases. Mine were insoles for my running shoes. I've mentioned it a million times by now but I'm running a marathon in May! wooo. I also get shin splints so I'm taking every precaution to not get hurt. So far so good.

10. Tripod for iPhone. Lastly....this is something I have totally gotten shade for but everyone also loves that I have it...a tripod for my iPhone, complete with a bluetooth remote. I got it to more easily take pictures of my outfits so I didn't have to ask Nate or lug my huge DSLR camera around. But, it has also come in handy on trips and to get group shots. I'm here for it.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading -- and tell me what your must-have amazon finds are lately. I need more ideas....clearly! LOL

Talk to you in my next post!

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