Monday, January 20, 2020


Hey y'all -- and happy Monday!

Hope y'all had a great weekend. Today is my first day at my new job -- eeeek! I'm excited and nervous and all the things. 

Today I wanted to share a blog post about some of the recipes I have been pinning lately. I was definitely in a cooking rut in 2019 -- I started off being married really strong and then I just got bored of cooking and trying to find things that both Nate and I liked. We have extremely different tastes when it comes to meals -- I don't eat much meat and love fresh foods like veggies, etc. and Nate is a big meat eater and likes heartier meals like that. We are working on balancing....LOL. Here are some of the things I want to try making soon! Most of them are more geared towards me but I'm hoping with some modifications, Nate might try some of the things too. 

1. Quinoa Pizza Crust. Don't know how this one will go over, but I think a pizza with quinoa crust sounds kinda fun! I love a good healthier alternative to Papa Johns takeout....LOL. 

2. Homemade Dutch Oven Bread. I thought this one sounded so fun -- I made it over the weekend with almond flour. We ate it with sandwiches and I think it would be awesome for avocado toast. 

3. DIY Almond Milk. I want to try this -- I read articles about how bad almond milk is because it uses so much water, not sure if making it my own cuts down or not. It will also be nice to have it be just three ingredients and super simple, no unnecessary additives. 

4. Veggie Minestrone Soup. Another one I hope Nate will try. Will probably add some sausage or meat balls to it so it isn't just veggies. The recipe says it freezes well which would be great for the future!

5. Paleo Sloppy Joes. Going to try these for Nate, stay tuned. I won't make him eat it off a sweet potato but I think it sounds really yummy that way. 

6. Homemade Falafel. I love falafel and put it on my salads a lot. This would be fun to try -- and then there is less preservatives than the mixes I buy at the store. 

7. Quinoa Taco meat. I also like to put quinoa over my salads for lunch, so I thought this would be really yummy! And so much more flavorful than I had been making.

8. Easy Teriyaki Salmon. This is on the menu for this week -- can't wait. I think Nate will actually like it too! I'm going to make some brown rice and roasted broccoli to go with. 

9. Shrimp Boil in Foil. We are thinking about taking a camping trip soon while its still cool here in Texas (who even knows when summer will come but it usually strikes with a vengeance). This sounds really yummy and foil dinners always remind me of camping growing up. 

10. Protein Balls. I've made a few variations of these, but I want to keep experimenting with different things to add to them. This recipe added flax, chia seeds and coconut which all sound super yummy!

Hope you all enjoyed and found this interesting. I will keep you posted and share my cooking adventures with y'all on Instagram, so be sure to follow me over there! Maybe this should be a monthly post as well? Let me know your thoughts + any healthy recipes you are making!


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