Friday, February 7, 2020



Hey y'all!

Recently I have gotten into podcasts -- they are really great to listen to while running, cleaning the house or on road trips. I have really enjoyed them because they are less mindless than just listening to music, and I usually learn something new! Here are some of my favorites to listen to.

1. Gals on the Go -- Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio are social media creators and besties that host this podcast. They are fun to listen to, always have interesting guests and also share two podcasts a week!

2. What We Said Podcast -- this one might be my all-time favorite -- it is hosted by a social media creator Jaci Marie Smith and her best friend, Chelsea. Jaci does social media and Chelsea is an RD, so they always have interesting topics and they are super fun to listen to. 

3. The Porch -- This is a podcast put on by a church here in Dallas, and the Porch is their young adult ministry. I love listening to their podcasts/sermons. They are really engaging and super applicable. 

4. Thick and Thin -- this one is another one by a YouTuber that I love, Katy Belotte. She lives in NYC and is just really cool. She talks a lot about life in NYC, love, and her daily experiences. She is extremely wise and always has something thought-provoking to say. 

5. As For Me & My House -- this one is new to me but once again is another social media influencer that I follow that created her own podcast. This one is hosted by Milena and Jordan Ciciotti. They speak on their faith, being a Christian and how it intersects with their daily life.

I hope you all enjoyed this post -- if you have a favorite podcast, be sure to let me know! I would love to check them out and add them to my listening list :)


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