Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Hey y'all!

Happy Wednesday and greetings from Kansas! I am staying the week with my mom and my siblings after Nate unfortunately got exposed to COVID while we were visiting in Kansas. But, I've had some extra time to be creative (away from the dogs and house projects to work on) and I have been taking some fun photos. Today I wanted to share some of my recent jewelry favorites - I go through phases, but lately, I have been loving really fun jewelry pieces. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Gold Hoops. These are an everyday staple in my wardrobe. I wear hoops almost daily, and sometimes two pairs since I have two piercings in my ears. I found this great pair from Amazon.

2. Turquoise Rings. These are vintage/etsy finds but they are some of my most prized possessions! Nate's family got me a few of them since they live in New Mexico, and I just love wearing them. They are such a statement which I love. 

3. Butterfly necklace. This is my new FAVORITE find. I have been on a butterfly kick recently, not sure why but I just like them! This is from LoloJewels on Instagram - and she makes incredible, one of a kind jewelry pieces. I met her at a popup shoppe in downtown Dallas a few months ago and I just love her style!

4. Gold Bangles. These are another favorite that I wear nearly daily. These are so fun and I love the bangle, layered look, but they aren't made of metal, so they are completely silent and don't clink around all the time, which is a total win!

5. Thin layered necklaces. I have been loving this paper clip chain necklace layered with this initial necklace! Both are surprisingly great quality from Amazon of all places!

6. Chunky chain necklace. This one is a recent addition but I love the statement. It reminds me how I used to wear those giant bubble statement necklaces, but this one is a little more classy and wearable. 

7. Wood hoops. These are a fun take on the gold hoops I wear all the time. I love the earthy vibe to them and the darker color contrasts with my blonde hair well!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! You can shop each of the items I talked about below the photos. And check out my Instagram to see all of my jewelry pieces styled!

-- Kenzie 

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