Thursday, August 13, 2020



Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to share a blog post with you all finally, officially talking about the HOUSE that we bought! We are so excited and happy to have a house finally, it was such a process though, y'all.

Despite the current state of the world, the housing market here in Dallas (as in many places) is booming. We are so grateful and lucky to be able to purchase a home at this time. It is something we have been saving up for since we moved to Dallas and knew that apartment/condo living was not the way we wanted to live. 

We loved our little Uptown condo - it was such a great location, and we had wonderful neighbors and loved that we could walk anywhere. I still miss walking to get coffee on the weekends! But, with two dogs and me working from home, we just needed more space.

We actually really began the process back in February, but then with the pandemic, we weren't actually able to start seeing homes until May when Dallas opened up in-person showings again. We saw quite a few houses, and we actually ended up making offers on five houses. Two we did not receive, two we decided to walk away from, and then we finally landed on the one that is OURS now! I definitely knew nothing going into the home buying process, but now I definitely feel like I know what to do and what to look for (and how many papers you have to sign!) 

We are still working on fixing it up just the way we want and I definitely have some ideas for projects and things I want to do to make it, even more, our own. The house is a 60s style home build by Cliff May, who is a famous architect and built many of the homes in our area. It was cool learning about the history of Dallas while getting familiar with the area!

I also can't really describe my decorating style...I go back and forth between southwestern vibes and boho and lots of plants. And then you throw in the mid-century modern its somewhere in between all of that. ha. 

I can't wait to shoot photos of each room as I finish decorating - its definitely going to take a while but I want it to look just the way I want! 

Thanks for reading, y'all, and talk to you in my next post!


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