Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Hey y'all!

This month I tried Nuuly for the first time. If you haven't heard of it, Nuuly is a clothing subscription service where you can pay a monthly fee, select 6 clothing pieces from a range of name brands/designers, and wear them all month long! I love this concept because it is a great way to try out different styles, trends, or bold/statement pieces without having to commit to purchasing them. It's also a very great model for sustainability - which I love too!

Here are the six pieces I received this month. 

Abigail Lace Blouse
Retailer: Anthropologie

I really liked this blouse! It was a bit cropped, but I loved the lace detailing and it was actually a thin material so it made it easier to wear in the summer heat!

Lee Vintage High Rise Flare Jeans 
Retailer: Free People
These were really cute and fun to wear. They also fit perfectly! However, I thought the tie-dye print would be a little more boldly colored, but it was pretty subdued and almost looked like white pants. But I really did love the fit of them. 

Retailer: Anthropologie

This kimono was so cute! I loved it so much. Kimonos are so easy to wear and throw on over a tank or tee, or a simple dress to make a statement look. This one was definitely a statement which I loved!

Spell & the Gypsy Dress
Retailer: Free People

I had been wanting to try a dress from Spell & the Gypsy, so I just had to try this one. This brand is so expensive and one that I will never actually buy anything from, but the dresses are just beautiful so I was glad to get to try this one out. 

Floral Dress
Retailer: Urban Outfitters
This dress was really fun! I loved the puff sleeves and a fun pattern. It looked very vintage floral which I loved. The square neckline was also so beautiful and on-trend. However, I think the cut of the hem was less flattering on me, so I didn't wear this one as much. 

Spell & the Gypsy Dress 
Retailer: Free People

This is another Spell & the Gypsy dress - I would've gotten all dresses in my order if I didn't make myself try something from every category! This dress is just beautiful. Again, it comes with a pretty high price tag, so I wouldn't buy it myself, but it was so fun to try for the month. This was definitely my most worn piece in the whole subscription box.

I hope you all found this interesting or helpful! If you want to see the video I made on my YouTube channel all about the pieces and showing them, check that out here. And, if you're interested in getting $20 off your first subscription with Nuuly, click here!

Thanks for reading, y'all! Talk to you in my next post :) 


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