Wednesday, September 9, 2020


 Hey everyone! 

For today's post, I wanted to share a round-up of my favorite fall footwear pieces, and those that are my true essentials for the season. If I could only have five pairs of shoes,  these would be the ones I'd pick! If you saw my last post, I have a pair of black booties on my fall wishlist - so I'd say I really have about six essential pairs of shoes for the season ;)

1. White sneakers. Y'all know I love white sneakers! These Nike Court Sneakers are my favorite pair and the ones I wear the most. They are really chic and easy to wear, so I know I will wear them a lot in the fall. 

2. Cognac booties. These are definitely a favorite of mine - I've had these since high school I think! I love that I still wear these, and they are excellent quality. I just love the look of them and the varnished style of the leather. I wish they were a heeled boot, but I have other options with heels too. 

3. Snake print mules. I love snake print and had a pair of snake print booties last fall that I wore to death. Since I have so many pairs of booties, I wanted to try a heeled mule. I can still wear them with flare jeans and they look like booties, but the mule will be a fun change. 

4. White booties. These white booties might be my favorites for fall. White may seem like a strange choice for fall, but I think they are a great statement and a fresh look! I love the western detail of them. 

5. Black mules. These are a thrifted find that I purchased recently, but I love them. I think they are a really chic look and think I will get a lot of wear out of them. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and found it helpful! I am SO excited for fall if you can't tell - it's my favorite fashion season by far! Let me know what your essential shoes are for fall!

-- Kenzie

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