Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Hey everyone!

I have shared before, but a big goal of mine is to perfect my natural beauty routine. I have learned a lot in the past year about the harmful ingredients that exist in much of the beauty products I had been using - from Target, Sephora - and even their certified clean products had ingredients that I wasn't super impressed with!

So, I went on a mission to find better products and things that still worked, but didn't contain products that were harmful. I did some research to find some mascara options that were better than my typical favorites from Maybelline or Benefit. I have found some other products to replace much of the rest of my makeup routine, but I always thought mascara was something I would never be able to switch because its one of my favorite products. However, I am here to prove that false!

I will warn, natural beauty products are unfortunately much more expensive than drugstore products or those from Target. However, I was used to buying Benefit products (my previous favorite) so I was prepared to budget the same amount, but to me, it's worth budgeting the extra money to know that the products won't harm my body! Here are a few great options:

1. Young Living Lengthening Mascara. This one is probably my favorite! I buy my essential oils, natural cleaning products, and other products from Young Living, so it's super convenient for me to add to my monthly order. It is very lengthening for sure and actually has a wonderful consistency. I have found with natural mascaras, flaking off or being too liquidly can be a major issue. So this one is a win!

2. Well People Volumizing Mascara. This one is my other favorite! I think I love layering my Young Living one and this one. I think I prefer a lengthened and volumized look - I can't pick just one look ;) so these two work really well together. Plus, you can grab this one from Target. 

3. Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Primer. This is one I tried and I did like it. However, I didn't love it. It's another option from Target, so if you're out shopping and need a product and can't wait to order online, that's a great option. However, I would say the primer side was worthless to me. It really did nothing, and as someone who loved lash primer, I had high expectations. Plus, having the two in one tube means you get less mascara, so the cost for the amount of product is less, too. However, I did like the mascara, though it was a much more liquid consistency and if I didn't let it dry all the way, I would get smudges on the top of my eyelid, which I truly hate. So, I think there are better choices, but, it's not a bad one. 

4. Beauty Counter Volumizing Mascara. This one is on my list to try next! I have not tried Beauty Counter, but they are an amazing company who is working hard not only to create wonderful products that are healthy and have amazing ingredients, but they also are working to make better legislation so these bad ingredients are banned by the FDA completely. Oh, and it's a women-owned and led business. SO cool! 

I hope you all found this post helpful. Next up in the clean beauty review is shampoos + conditioners - can't wait to feature those too! Be sure to let me know what products you'd liked to see reviewed, too!


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