Sunday, September 21, 2014

what a wonderful weekend!

I have to say, it is never easy to say goodbye to the weekend, but this Monday was especially hard. I think I had the best weekend quite possibly in a very long time!

It all started on Thursday...I technically consider my weekend to have started then! The K-state vs. Auburn game was Thursday evening and it was such a blast. Two of my guy friends, Jackson and Keehn came up from back home and so all my friends and I went to the game. Sadly, I had a class that didn't get over until 3 so we didn't get to walk around as many tailgates, but it was still fun. To be completely honest, I was expecting our loss to be a bit more, so I was pleasantly surprised! The atmosphere was CRAZY and so much fun.

(my adorable friend Lexie who goes to Auburn and made the drive to Manhattan for the game! It was so fun to see her, even though Auburn beat us.)

(my boyfriend, Nate and I at the game.)

(I love this picture! My friend Blair and I. Such a sweet and dear friend of mine!)
After the game, we were all starving and decided to order Pizza Shuttle. We had seven people and like six pizzas all in my dorm room. It was really fun and crazy and loud. We tried a new kind of pizza, Chicken Bacon Cream Cheese and it was so amazing. It sounds weird and totally bad for you but honestly amazing.
On Friday, I slept in and just really wasn't feeling my morning class (even though it was at 11:30...I was awake and could have gone but the game the night before was a good enough excuse right?! not really but oh well.) I had an afternoon class at 3:30. All of my friends had date parties and then Nate and I decided to randomly go to Kansas City for the evening. So we hopped in the car and drove two hours to Legends and shopped for a couple hours and had dinner. It was so much fun! I love being spontaneous and going on adventures. Plus I bought a lot of really great things so it was just fabulous!
Saturday evening I had "Sneak" retreat with Pi Phi. It was such a great bonding experience and I feel like I got closer with the girls. It was so wonderful to find out more about people and I love my sisters so much. I'm so glad I chose Pi Phi and I can't wait to see where it takes me.

(my pledge class is the 100th pledge class! Here's all of us throwing our wings!)

Sunday I went to church at a new one here in town. It was really great and refreshing. Sundays spent at church and relaxing are my favorite. I had a lot of homework, but in the evening I also had Younglife leader training which was amazing as well. I am starting to find where I think I will fit in while I'm here in college and it feels great. I'm so happy and loving life right now!

I hope yall had a great weekend and have an even better week!

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