Wednesday, October 1, 2014

OOTD: Wishing for Fall...

So today was the first day of October and if you couldn't already tell from my previous fall-themed posts, I really, really, really love fall. However, the weather isn't really cooperating with my wishes. It is still fairly warm here in Kansas. Today, the high was around 80 degrees, which is a tad big hot for me. However, I decided I was just going to dress for fall and hope the weather follows my lead!

I had chapter for Pi Phi tonight which explains why I was dressed up! It's usually not typical for college students to look this put together for included. Sleep wins when it comes to getting ready! But I love chapter because I still have a chance to wear cute clothes. So here is my outfit of the day!

I only had time to take one picture because I was running out the door, and it is really hard to get a good background in my dorm room. Thanks to my lovely roomie and best friend for taking the picture though! My white jeggings are from American Eagle, my sandals are Jack Roger look alikes from the website Shoe Show (they are currently out of stock for the season but I would definitely recommend checking back because they look just like Jacks but are only $25!). My pink vest is from Old Navy, and as I mentioned before, I am completely in love with vests. My necklace is hard to see, but its from Target! And my favorite part of the outfit--my polka dot chambray button-up is from the Target kids section. I just bought it the other day so definitely go check it out! The Target kids section is the best, really. I love it!

I'm really excited about this outfit and can't wait to post more fall outfits of the day soon. (Hopefully it actually becomes fall but either way...)

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