Monday, July 10, 2017


Hello friends!

Happy Monday -- hope this weekend has been relaxing and makes you feel rejuvenated and ready to take on another week! I had such a fun weekend, and I wanted to share what I did with y'all. I have been working to have more "fun" and lifestyle oriented content on my blog, and not just posts about outfits every day of the week. Don't get me wrong I love those & this is a fashion blog, but I want to share more of my life and this weekend seemed like a good time to do that!

I honestly accomplished so much this weekend but it was also really relaxing, which is perfect. I love getting things done and checked off my to-do list, but it was also great to feel calm and at ease for the rest of the week to come. This is my first weekend I haven't driven home to plan wedding things or see my family at home, so it was nice to have just a little bit of extra time to relax.

Ok, so let's start with the most exciting part of the weekend...

I officially decided on a wedding dress!!!!

I have been trying out tons of different dresses at a handful of different bridal shops. I honestly found so many I loved, and I think the style I love is somewhat simple, so there were tons of options that fit what I was looking for, which was great. However, I wanted to make sure mine was unique enough and y'all I found the most amazing dress!

The story is actually funny, so I went back to my favorite bridal boutique in the town I am currently living in for the summer as I intern. I had about four to re-try, as they were the ones that I had said I would think on over the last few weeks. The day before, I had also made another appointment at another shop an hour or so away. I had decided in my head which one I loved the most and was ready to say yes when I put it on.

When I got there, I tried all of my favorites on again. However, after trying on my favorite one, I wasn't sure again...the one I had said I was going to pick! The girl in the shop was telling me about all the color options that the dress could come in, and we asked to see what a certain color looked like because it was a little different than the typical "white". She showed us a dress that was in the color she was suggesting for me, and my mom asked me to just try the dress on so we could see what the color looked like.

I tried the dress on, and I ended up loving that one so much! It was a combination of all the things I loved in many of the other dresses I had tried, but had some extra pretty features that made it unique. I ended up going back and trying a few others, but I just really loved that new one I tried. We left and I was going to think about it for the rest of the weekend, but the next day I told my mom it was the one I wanted.

Also this weekend, my cousin, aunt, and uncle and I all went out to brunch at a really yummy place called the Roost. I am a major brunch fan, and so it was right up my alley! It is fun to have a slow, Saturday morning and eat a big yummy brunch to start the day :) In my dream world I think that's how every morning would start for me!

After that, we went down to Kansas City and went to the River Market. It was so much fun...there was basically a giant farmer's market with tons of produce stands, baked goods, homemade treats, and tons of beautiful flowers! I have really grown to love flowers (I just stink at keeping them alive) so that was fun as well. We bought a ton of produce to eat this week, so it will be fun to help cook with and my cousin Lindsey and I also got a huge bouquet of beautiful flowers! They are truly stunning!

Anyways, that's how I spent my weekend, it was full of fun but also relaxing -- the best kind! Cheers to another week and another Monday. Make it a good one, y'all!

"Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed." Proverbs 16:3

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