Thursday, March 22, 2018


Hey y'all!

Happy Thursday!

Today is a fun day because my mom, dad, one of my brothers and I are road tripping down to New Mexico for more wedding festivities! I have a bridal shower on Saturday, and my brother is going to Nate's bachelor party up at his cabin in the mountains. It should be a fun weekend, and I always love a good road trip! Plus we will get to see lots of friends and family which is always great.

Today I wanted to share a few different important things. First, lets start with the outfit I am wearing. I've been seeing robe style kimonos everywhere lately so I had to snag one to shoot for the blog. I love the look of them, and this one is perfect for spring with the pastels and embroidery. I paired it with my favorite lace trimmed cami, straight leg jeans and my go-to platform espadrilles. The perfect transitional look for spring if you ask me!

Next, I also wanted to share my favorite drugstore dry shampoos. If you are like me, you might live off this stuff. I only wash my hair every few days, so this keeps my style looking fresh. I know you might be thinking that sounds disgusting...but its really better for your hair to wash it less. Fewer washes means less breakage, holding color better...the benefits are endless!

That being said, I tested out several (five to be exact) different products and I wanted to share the results. They were all okay, but some were definitely better than others! I tested an entire bottle of each one so that I could really get a good idea as to what it was like and how it worked.

1. Tresemme. I did not like this one. It didn't really seem to work on my hair. It was on the cheaper end, but I still think you can have affordable products that work. I would pass on purchasing this one again and go for one of the other products I mentioned.

2. Suave -- possibly my favorite and the most affordable. It wasn't an overpowering smell and really soaked up the oil. I did notice it made my hair more dry, which is already an issue for me so that part was definitely not as satisfactory.

3. Batiste. Probably my second favorite behind the Suave! It was the most expensive, but it worked well. I now know why everyone raves about this one! You can also get different scents and they make products for different hair colors, which I think is really cool. Overall a really great product that is hard to beat. I think the only reason why it gets second is because it is more expensive than the Suave one, but I would totally repurchase this one.

4. Not Your Mother's. This one was good. I liked it and it worked well. However, it had a really strong/overpowering smell that I couldn't get over, which is why I wouldn't repurchase! But, aside from that its a good product. Definitely on the more expensive end so not worth it in my book bc I hated the smell haha.

5. Herbal Essence. This one smelled amazing and I loved the packaging. However, it did not last very long and I didn't notice as intense of a difference in the oil in my hair being soaked up. Didn't seem like it was the most effective, so I will probably not buy this one again!

I hope you all found this helpful/interesting! I had asked on Instagram a looong time ago if y'all would be interested in seeing a review like this, but it just took me a long time to try out this many different products fully! Thanks so much for reading. If you have a favorite dry shampoo, leave it in a comment down below so I can possibly check it out!

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