Thursday, June 28, 2018


Hey y'all!

Happy Thursday! We are one day closer to the weekend -- hope today is off to a good start!

I wanted to share my favorite beach essentials with y'all -- as you probably know by now (sorry I haven't stopped talking about Nate and I honeymooned in Hawaii! It was the best vacation ever and I highly recommend it to anyone! I am working on a full post about all the amazing things we did and all my recommendations, so be sure to be on the lookout for that in the coming week or two. Today I thought I would share all the things that I found to be essential for my time on the beach. Of course, many/most of these things would also apply to a lake trip, pool trip, etc. so hopefully you still enjoy this post even if you aren't headed somewhere tropical this summer!

Cute bag. This is an essential no matter where you go! I got a lot of use out of my cute straw bag. It was the perfect item to bring on our trip because I used it on the beach to carry all of Nate/I's stuff, but then I could also swap it out for my personal items if we went shopping or to dinner. It is cute dressed up or down -- one of my favorite summer investments!

Bright Birkenstocks -- these were a major must for the beach. They are super comfy and can be hosed off/rinsed off when they get dirty or sandy. I tried wearing my cute sandals to the beach and I just gave up. Luckily I do like these, and they come in a lot of different colors. I kind of want them in white, too!

Good book -- another essential for any time by the water. Pretty much the only time I read is when I am relaxing by the beach/pool. I really do love it, I just can't seem to find the time. I am currently reading "All the Lights We Cannot See" and "Crazy Rich Asians". Two very different reads but I like them so far! I am hoping to do a round up of all the books I've read recently as soon as I get my list long enough to warrant an entire post ;)

Invisibaubles -- another lifesaver, pretty much for life in general though! These hairties are simply the best. They don't crease your hair as much, and they don't get tangled. Somehow I have managed to only lose one in the past few months! I consider that a major win.

Straw boater. I like wearing hats when I am in the sun to protect my face. I loved wearing this straw boater hat, I think they are sooo cute and a great shape for summer. 

Portable speaker -- Nate and I listened to a lot of music on the beach which was fun. I love this portable speaker -- we actually got it as a wedding gift. I would highly suggest investing in one and bringing it with you on your trips. It is really nice to be able to play your own music!

Cutoff denim -- lastly, I think a good pair of cutoff denim is another beach/pool essential. I have been loving one pieces lately, so I just would throw on a pair of shorts to walk around and it was suitable to wear in public, which I loved!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! If you're heading somewhere fun, what are your beach/lake/pool essentials? I'm sure jealous of you, I just have to say! After nine days in Hawaii, I think I'm a total beach girl!

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