Thursday, July 5, 2018


Hey y'all!

Happy Monday! Hope you all had the best weekend and are ready to tackle another week! I know I feel so much better after having a weekend at home...last week was crazy busy and I really needed the time to just relax!

Today I wanted to share my favorite products and items from the month. I am in shock that another month has come and gone, and I am really excited to share some of these items with y'all because I feel like I have found a random assortment of things I really loved and used this month!

Yeti Tumbler. First off, I have to say -- I was always kind of skeptical of the whole Yeti mug bandwagon. I wasn't really interested in spending that much money on a coffee mug. It can't be that good, right?! Wrong. Y'all these mugs have kept me going during the work week because it keeps my coffee warm all day long. I usually have a couple cups of coffee in the mornings as home, and then I take some in my Yeti to go at work. I'm usually still drinking it after lunch time! It's crazy. I also love it for keeping drinks cool as well. I take it to the pool on hot days and its just the best!

Stick on Bra. Ok this is a random favorite and might be a little weird to share, but these are the best for the summer time. If you're wearing off the shoulder, strapless, or tops/dresses with unique necklines, these are the best so your bra doesn't show. I wore them non-stop while in Maui with all the beachy outfits I was wearing, as well as with sheer or strapless tops throughout the summer. I use this kind, but this kind is even more supportive and comes in bra sizes if you need that! Even better -- the kind I use are under $10 and the second kind I linked is under $20.

Sea Salt Spray. Another great item I have been loving this month is this sea salt spray for your hair. I have been wearing beachy hair styles and love this spray to enhance the looks I am wearing. I use it on my natural hair to make it look more beachy/textured, but I also put it on my curls to make them look more natural and less structured. Its perfect either way!

Liquid lipstick. In general, I am a major lipstick gal -- I just love it! But lately since I started working, I love wearing matte, long lasting kinds. I have quite the arsenal of lipsticks, but my current favorite formulation is by Kat Von D. I can drink coffee all day and eat lunch and it is still on my lips! I have talked about this lipstick lots before so it might not be too much of a surprise there ;) I also have a post coming this week of my other favorite lipstick -- my everyday, go-to combination that also lasts forever! Be sure to be watching out for that post!

My Nespresso latte maker. Y'all this is a random random favorite but it is a total game changer. We got this on our wedding registry and we use it all the time! I don't always crave desserts but I do love having a decaf latte after dinner -- especially because our house is sooo cold all the time! I'm always shivering and Nate is sweating....but the lattes are so good! I make mine with almond milk and a little Stevia to make it a bit sweet. Its perfect!

As for fashion related, I haven't been shopping hardly at all because I have been more excited about furnishing our house. However, I have been loving putting together cute outfits that are work appropriate, but I haven't had one specific piece that has really made my month. I am planning to share affordable work outfit ideas continually, and a post dedicated to where I like to shop coming soon!

I do have one fashion related item I had to share -- and that is the yellow slide sandals I am wearing in the photo above! These are under $20 and so perfect for summer. I love slides, and I especially love the color yellow for the summer right now. I have worn these guys non stop as a unique pop of color with just about any outfit! Shop my slides here

Lastly, and sort of a fashion favorite -- I have been wearing my glasses non-stop. Since I stare at a computer for a lot of the day, I can tend to get headaches because my eyes get tired. So, I like to have really cute glasses, and multiple pairs, so I can match them to whatever I'm wearing and change up my look every day. I have had fun styling them and making them fit with the outfits I wear to work! If y'all want to see a whole post on where I get my glasses, let me know and I would love to do that.

Thanks so much for reading y'all! Talk to you in my next post!

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