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Hey y'all!

Today's post is going to be another wedding themed post -- now that Nate and I have been married for almost two months and have gotten settled into our apartment and our daily routines, I wanted to share a few of our favorite items that we got from our registry. Of course we love it all and really use most everything we got -- but we each picked five things we love that we registered for. I even got Nate to guest write a bit! Keep reading to find out what we loved!

Makenzie: I love our KitchenAid veggie spiralizer attachment. We've only used it a few times, but it is really amazing. I love to make zuchini noodles and it makes it so easy to do so. Nate also likes them and especially likes to operate the spiralizer! Of course it goes perfectly with our KitchenAid Mixer which if I didn't already have, that would be top on my list of items to register for. I use it a ton for baking but so many recipes can be made with it!

Nate: Double sleeping bag (Big Agnes Cabin Creek 15). Do you like camping and snuggling? If so, then we have you covered! This is the Cadillac of double sleeping bags.  You are sure to stay warm and have a good nights rest when you curl up in this burrito of warmth.  There is plenty of room to share, bring along your wife, husband, dog and mother in law if you would like, everyone can fit!

Makenzie: Another great thing we use a lot is our Nespresso. If you love coffee, then you should totally add this to your registry. I love drinking a decaf latte for dessert, and we often make them on the weekends when we have a bit more time to enjoy our coffee!   

Nate: A Firestick is a really fun item to register for!  this is the Swiss Army Knife of home entertainment.  We use it for New Girl binges, afternoon golf naps and playing smooth jazz as we eat dinner.  We can watch the Broncos play on Sundays and the Cats, all in all great gift!

Makenzie: I love our dishware. We actually chose to not get 'china' but rather two sets -- but we use both equally. One is a more expensive and fancier looking. The fancier set is creamy and has beautiful detailing. The more basic set is just plain blush pink -- with no ornamentation or anything. But, I think they honestly look cute together mixing and matching! I like that we use our 'nicer' set everyday though, it seems more practical than opting for china in my opinion.

Nate: We got this coffee pot. Aka the reason I get out of bed every morning.  Jk, Kenzie getting me to the gym is the reason but high quality coffee helps as well.  This baby makes the fuel for your daily engine and exceeds expectations!

Makenzie: I also am so so glad we got a Dyson vacuum. This is the one that we got. I never knew a vacuum could be so life changing, but its really great. Its lightweight, easy to walk around our whole house, and really cleans up any mess anywhere. We can use it on carpet, rugs, hardwood, tile...its amazing! And it cleans up after our dog super well. 

Nate:  If Indiana Jones had suitcase instead of a satchel it would be this bag.  It is very versatile, it could be used for a back country boys trip or a weekend in the Hampton's with your lady.  Hands down my favorite piece of luggage.  

Makenzie: I think everyone should register for fun serving pieces. I love having cute bowls for when we have people over for dinner and I can put different sides in a bowl. I got this one and this one! I also got several pieces like this one that are so beautiful and nice -- I have them displayed throughout our apartment. I am also linking some more fun ones down below!

Nate: This baby cranks out grade A hot sammies (hot sandwiches)! We use our cast iron skillet and grill for most of our meat but the GF is the perfect sandwich tool.  You can turn any ordinary sammie into a hot sammie in minutes! 

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Even if you're not getting married -- maybe some inspiration for items you could use in your home too!

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