Thursday, July 19, 2018


Hey y'all!

Today I wanted to share the first of my home decor posts as I finally have a nicer, cuter space to decorate now that I can finally upgrade from college rentals...and have the budget to buy fun home decor now that I have a real job! I've had so much fun setting up our new apartment, finding the perfect pieces to complete our space and really be creative. One thing I knew I wanted in our home was a little bar cart...mainly for the decoration and the styling aspect. You'll notice in the photos that we have about two bottles of wine I've had for at least a year and a bottle of champagne that was from our hotel after our wedding...we don't really drink (I don't hardly at all) but I just think its a fun decor piece. Keep reading to see how I style this piece in our home!

For starters, I purchased this bar cart. It is under $120 and often goes on sale. I love the gold accents combined with the wood. I like pieces that are girly and a little more rustic so that it compliments both Nate's and I's taste...although I'm pretty sure this is just 100% my style and not so much his. He told me he likes it though so we'll just go with that :)

I added this letter board to our bar cart because I love putting fun sayings or quotes on it. These are fun if you have people over or just to display a fun message! I found a little 'bar' sign and added it as well. I found a similar one here that lights up which would be really cute too! I also stacked a few 'coffee table' books for some visual interest. I will link some of my favorites in the shoppable feature at the end!

I found these cute pink glasses and put them on my registry...I am obsessed with them. I also found this adorable wire wine bottle holder for under $30. It also comes in a few different sizes if you need more storage than me ;)

Lastly, I added some cute pink stemless wine glasses we got as a wedding gift, and this gorgeous silver bowl/dish we also got as a wedding gift to the cart to just add another interesting element. There is also a picture of Nate and I framed, just because I love photos!

So there you have it -- my bar cart all styled! I think it turned out cute, and while its fun I wanted to make sure it wasn't an eyesore or too cluttered because I hate that. It fits perfectly in this little nook in our apartment so I just love it!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Thanks so much for reading and talk to you in my next one!

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