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Hey y'all!

Today for another #WeddingWednesday post I wanted to share a bit about my hair and makeup because I was so happy with how it turned out. I did my own makeup and my bestie Shelby helped me do my hair, so I wanted to provide some encouragement if you're looking to do the same! 

I personally love doing my own hair and makeup -- and I'm the kind of person who knows what they like and don't like. I honestly don't know if I could trust someone else to decide how I wanted to look. I know makeup artists and hairstylists do it for a living...but I just wanted to do it myself!

I'll start with hair because it might be harder to explain in a post. I knew I wanted my hair to be at least partially down because I like the way hair framing my face looks. However, I knew all down might not be a good idea because it can be hot in Kansas and I wanted something a little more special because I wear my hair down and curled on a regular basis. Well, the joke was on me because it was at least 100 degrees out for our wedding...and we got married outdoors! Ha!

So we settled on a half-up style. The key to my hairstyle for my wedding was my Barefoot Blonde Hair extensions. They were a total splurge but I knew I wanted to have the fullest and most beautiful hair I just saved and saved so I could buy them. They were about the length of my natural hair, but just added probably double the thickness, as I have really fine and thin hair. I love them so much and I still use them consistently, at least a few of the pieces to just add a bit of fullness. This brand is great to go with if you are looking for extensions because they are the most amazing quality and you can get free samples to color match so they look perfect with your hair. 

So for the hair. We had a few key products that we used to make sure my hair looked good all night. We used this volume powder, this texture spray, and this hairspray. I will also be linking all of the products in the widget below the photos. 

We put in the extensions -- we didn't even use the full set because my hair is so thin, but it added so much thickness which is what we are going for here!

We used the teasing powder to add volume and teased the heck out of my hair. Shelby is always so good at teasing my hair -- I can't ever seem to get the hang of it. We then pulled it back into the half up, and then Shelby pinned it so that the volume we added stayed put. 

We then took two of the wefts of the hair extensions and made two fishtail braids. Shelby tucked them into my hair and then pulled them to cover up the pinned half up area. We left some of my 'bangs' if you will -- some pieces around my face to frame it and look a bit 'messier'. 

Lastly, I curled my hair using a 1.5 inch curling iron! And of course finished with tons of hairspray and texturizing spray to make it last and not look too rigid or curly since I was going for a more bohemian look. I think it turned out perfectly and I looooved my hair so much.

Now for makeup. I am just going to list the products I used, and give an explanation or tip on how I used them, because for the most part they are pretty self-explanatory! Also for starters, I used these brushes and this sponge for blending and applying my makeup. 

All the products are linked in the widget below the photo if you want to purchase them!

1. It Cosmetics CC Cream. I'm not a foundation person so I didn't want to wear one for the wedding. It didn't feel like me and I didn't think I needed it, I have pretty good skin as it is. However, this provides just enough coverage to even things out!

2. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer. My go-to concealer. Didn't want to switch this one up because I know I love it and it looks good in photos. 

3. Translucent face powder. This powder is great. Its under $6 and just as good as any other powder I've ever used. Helped to keep me matte all night! I never reapplyed any makeup all night. 

4. Wet'n'Wild Cream Contour in "Call Me Maple". I wanted to do cream contour for this look because I contour on a regular basis, but I thought a cream contour would be just a step up for my big day. It was surprisingly really easy and I loved how it looked.

5. Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer. A great drugstore option -- used it all over to glow up my skin and also to set my cream contour. 

6. Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Blushing Bride. Great for a longlasting look and the formulation is so great on these blushes!

7. Becca Highlighter in Opal. Another splurge makeup item but I love it so much. I wear it daily now! Definitely one of the greatest highlighters I've ever used. 

8. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. This is an oldie but a goodie. To this day, I'm really not convinced that eyeshadow primers are even necessary but I wasn't going to not use one for this day ;)

9. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. Another oldie but a goodie. This is my favorite Naked Palette and I use it for all my more 'formal' or bold looks. I used the colors: bootycall (all over lid/browbone), tease + snakebite mixed in the crease, busted + blackout in the outer corner, and then I used a bit of half baked concentrated on the very center of my lid.

10. Tarte Double Take Eyeliner. This eyeliner is unreal! I used both the liquid eyeliner for my upper lash line as well as the pencil for my waterline/lower lashline. 

11. Stila cream eyeshadow in Kitten Karma. This was the icing on the cake for my eye look. I dabbed this on my lid to add a bit of extra sparkle. 

12. Ardell glamour lashes. I picked the boldest lashes I could find at Ulta. I love lashes and wanted this to be a focal point of my look. 

13. WetnWild liquid lipstick in Nice to Fuchsia. I debated on what colors to wear for my lip color, and I had a nude combo purchased and decided last minutely to wear my typical magenta instead. This is more me, and I'm so glad I wore this color because its what feels most flattering and 'Kenzie' to me!

Tips for doing your own hair and makeup:
1. Check out Pinterest. There are so many inspiration photos out there, and also tons of tutorials on how to do updos, braids, etc. You can totally teach yourself with all the inspiration out there!
2. Practice a ton. I didn't really practice my makeup until I took my bridal photos, which was risky. Luckily I kinda knew what I was doing and I was lucky it turned out good & just the way I wanted. However, I would suggest practicing your hair and makeup at least twice before the big day, and if you can, wear it around all day so you can see how it lasts and settles. That way you can make any changes or know how your hair falls before the big day.
3. Ask for help. If one of your bridesmaids or a friend is great at hair and makeup, ask them to help you! I know at least for me, I love doing other people's makeup. I would love if someone asked me to help, just getting to be a part of someone's special day is a huge honor. That's a great way to save a little money and invite another friend to help out on your day.
4. Go to makeup classes. I know Sephora offers classes where you can go and learn about products and how to use them. You can also have them do your makeup and they will help you pick out products that look good on you and teach you what you need if you aren't a huge makeup junkie. I wanted to find the products myself and did all the research, but this is a great resource if you don't know where to begin.
5. Keep it simple enough. I didn't want my hair and makeup to be too over the top and have it still look like me. I think this is the most important tip you can take away! If it isn't something that feels natural and comfortable, maybe its not the right look for you. You want to feel done up and beautiful without feeling cakey or unnatural. Find the perfect balance and run with that!

I hope you all enjoyed this rather lengthy post. Thanks so much for reading and I will talk to y'all in my next post!

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