Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Hey y'all!

Today I wanted to share a post with y'all about my picks for must-have summer shoes. While it is already halfway through the summer, for Kansas, the warm temperatures will remain until probably October....so I will still be getting use out of some of these shoes for many more months!

If you didn't know, I currently work as a buyer for a shoe company. This means I literally stare at shoes, talk about shoes, and think about shoes for a living. Its really a dream! I love it so much. That being said, I am a major shoe lover -- always have been! So I wanted to share some of the styles to look for, and specific shoes that are big this summer!

Cone shaped mules. This is a unique shape of shoe that I personally find to be really flattering! The shaped mule is a big trend. I have seen both closed toe and open toe versions, in numerous colors. The pair I have is white, which I also love but you can find them in black, red, etc.

'H' Slides. These are a major trend for summer -- one of the few specific pairs that I am going to mention versus overall trends/styles to pick up on with the others. This style of shoe is a dupe for a designer version by Hermes. Steve Madden made a dupe for under $100, but I found this pair for under $15! Such a steal -- and its perfect to just throw on and go with dresses to church/work, or with your swimmie to the pool!

Yellow. I mentioned in my favorite's post that I loved this pair of yellow slides -- and I think yellow in general is a fun and trendy color for summer. It is so bright and cheery and I think looks great against tan skin.

Footbed sandals. This is again a big trend for summer-- the footbed sandal. You can find lots of unique colors, such as metal tones (gold, silver, rose gold), or fun colors. You can also find them in rubbery materials which I personally also love for the pool or beach.

White pumps. This is another more specific style -- and I personally really love it. I think the white is unique and looks crisp. They can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion. I like wearing mine with jeans and a fun top to dinner or church.

Espadrilles. This is a consistent trend for the warmer months in the past couple years. I love espadrilles and I think they are a great way to add a summery vibe to your outfit. You can find them in slides, sneakers, wedges, flats, etc.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and picked up on some new summer trends! Thanks so much for reading. Be sure to leave a comment down below with your favorite summer shoes!

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