Friday, August 10, 2018


Hey y'all!

Today I am sharing some recent Trader Joe's finds and items we picked up on our last run. I love going and browsing the aisles and finding new, interesting and creative things to try. I love Trader Joes for random things -- usually not produce because it is quite pricey. But we pick up random things, quick meal ideas, and some staples we use on a regular basis!

**Coconut Aminos -- I put this on roasted veggies, as a salad dressing, etc.
**Everything But the Bagel Seasoning -- my favorite. great on eggs, veggies, avocado toast...really anything!
**Natural Peanut Butter -- I eat peanut butter everyday. I have a minor obsession!
**Black Beans -- great for taco nights, salads, etc.
**Bay Blend Coffee -- Nate loves to grind coffee beans and this makes really great coffee! We love it!

**Black Bean Rotini -- I really like this! Nate thinks its gross...might be a guy thing. but its a healthier alternative to normal pasta. 
**Chicken Skewers -- we loved these the last time we ate them! Great for a quick dinner! Also pretty healthy. 
**Cauliflower Fried Rice -- another quick meal -- Nate fixes the chicken fried rice pictured and I fix the cauliflower fried rice. If we are busy or super tired after work, this is a happy easy meal we both enjoy!
**Chicken Fried Rice -- Nate's fave.
**Cauliflower Pizza Crust -- this is decent -- I personally like making my own cauliflower crust but its so time consuming! We love having build your own pizza nights! (Nate doesn't eat this one though...only me!!)

New Purchases
**Chili Lime Seasoning -- Nate grabbed this. He loves all things spicy since he's from New Mexico! 
**Coconut Flour Pancake Mix -- I've heard this is yummy. I love pancakes and healthier alternatives too!
**Canned Jackfruit -- I've seen a few recipes that call for this...not sure but I wanted to try it!

Thanks so much for checking out this post! I am truly quite passionate about Trader Joes -- I think this type of post might become a regular! Leave me a comment down below telling me your favorite Trader Joe's finds!

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