Monday, August 13, 2018


Hey y'all!

Hope you all had the best weekend and are ready to tackle another week! This weekend Nate and I went to a wedding which was so much fun. The venue was gorgeous, the bride was stunning...the food was BOMB...

On Instagram I mentioned the best part of attending weddings as a married couple is that we just get to sit back and enjoy them, celebrate our friends...and eat all the food. It was so great. And the best part is that Nate doesn't judge me for eating the cake and the pie...because he did it too! #health

Anyways, I thought I would share what I wore to the wedding because it was the perfect look for an outdoor wedding. I always find you can go more casual for an outdoor wedding but I still like to look nice. I also wore these adorable sandals that still have a bit of a heel but are so easy to walk in, and are perfect for outdoor weddings because you won't sink into the ground. #realtalk

I also did this braided updo with my favorite hair extensions. I knew it was going to be toasty and I just wasn't about to try and curl my hair with the humidity we are having these days. Plus any dancing was going to make my hair crazy so this was just an easier route to go! I loved how it turned out.

This look would also be good inspiration if you are going to a fall wedding soon, and want to look fall-ish...but still have to deal with the heat. Maybe you want to ditch the bright floral frocks but still want to look dressy and wedding appropriate -- try wearing navy or other jewel tones!

Hope you all enjoyed this post -- thanks for reading and I will talk to you in tomorrow's post!

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