Monday, October 7, 2019


1. My new pup, Camper! I can't believe its only been about a month since we got Camper, because it seems like she's just been with us forever! I can't imagine us not having two dogs anymore, and I keep telling Nate I don't think we should ever not have two. If I could I think I would have like, seven, but I think we can only fit two in our apartment LOL.
2. Benefit Badgal Mascara. I was wearing eyelash extensions for a long time, and then it caused my real lashes to be a little sparse. So, it took a month or so of using a DIY serum but they are back to normal, and I am back to feeling like mascara makes a difference. I am currently loving Benefit Bad Gal mascara, but I actually find the mini version I like better. Its also great for traveling!
3. Glitter designer dupe sneakers. Been wearing these like crazy, too! Love the added fun they add to an outfit with the glitter and they were $20!

4. Doing projects around the house. We've been home so much more lately and I am so grateful. If I never had to leave the house, I would probably choose that. It makes me so happy to stay home. I've been doing a lot of little home projects and DIYs and I actually have a blog post coming up this week about a unique fall DIY I did this weekend. 
5. Exploring fun little shops around Dallas. Again with being home more, Nate and I have had more time to explore and find fun little shops and restaurants. This past weekend, we scootered around town and found some fun little places! It was so much fun and cheap entertainment. 
6. Playing piano. A few months ago I found a piano for free on Craigslist and I have been loving playing it again. I took lessons for around 8 years and while I am nowhere near as good as I used to be, its definitely coming back to me! one of my projects for a weekend to come is painting my piano. Stay tuned....
7. Chipotle. I definitely had a major chickfila obsession the past couple months but my fav spot has now switched to Chipotle. i get a salad with brown rice, beans, fajita veggies, pico and guac! I love that it is healthy and completely plant-based and its soooo good. 
8. Football being back! Unfortunately K-State isn't looking too great this year, but I have still really enjoyed watching football lately. 
9. Cooking all the pumpkin things. I have been doing a little more baking lately and I have been really enjoying all the pumpkin goodness going on! I picked up a few fun pumpkin things from Trader Joes and also want to make an apple crisp this season too!
10. my Yeti water bottle! I have been trying to drink way more water lately and this water bottle has been my fav. I take it to Barre, to work and when I travel. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I can't believe we are well into October already. Thanks so much for reading this post and talk to you in my next!


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