Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Hey y'all!

I was realizing this month that in the first week of November, I have officially lived in Dallas an entire year! Nate moved down at the beginning of October, so he has already passed his one year mark. It is crazy how fast time goes by, and how much we have learned and grown in our short time of living here. I wanted to share a few things I've learned and some funnies, too. 

1. How to be *better* at directions. Emphasis on better here, but before moving here I would say that I could get lost going somewhere I go on a regular basis. Now, I can definitely get myself from home to several of the local Targets (priorities) also two different malls and shopping centers, a few grocery stores, and my doctors, even without Google Maps. I call that a win!

2. Aggressive is the only way to drive if you want to get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time. When family or friends come to visit, they are sometimes impressed by how calm I am while driving and how I can navigate it. I learned quickly that you need to be so aggressive and ready to (safely of course) squeeze your way into the lane you need on the highway if you plan to get anywhere on time. 

3. Everything is bigger *and more expensive* in Texas. Everything from groceries, gas, cost of living, etc. is more expensive here than when we lived in Kansas. And the saying that everything is bigger here, so true. People are obsessed with the Buckee's gas stations....its a store the size of Walmart filled with all the food, snacks, drinks, home decor, clothing, etc. that you could ever need. I haven't quite caught the bug but still find it comical. 

4. Dallas is not southern. When I moved here I pictured being surrounded by lots of cool southern accents, but Dallas is just growing so quickly that it is hardly southern anymore -- its a hodge podge of people moving here at a pretty quick speed. The housing markets are so intense and there are thousands of new people here each month according to statistics. 

5. It is fun to live where we live for this season, but Nate and I are not city people. We love that we get to experience the city and live where we do, because its definitely meant for single people or those without children. However, we also are looking forward to the day when we can move to the suburbs, have a yard for our dogs....and enough closet space that I don't have clothes hanging in the coat closet and basically busting out the seams ;) Someday we will appreciate a walk in closet so much and be so thankful for that!

I hope you all enjoyed this fun little post. It is fun to reflect and think back to how much fun this year has been and how much I have grown as a person! It is always good to experience new things and get out of your comfort zone, and I have really grown to love Dallas and our time here.

Thanks for reading, talk to y'all in my next post!


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