Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Hello friends and welcome back to another style tip tuesday post! today I am going to be showing y'all how to style one of my favorite pieces I added to my wardrobe recently -- this bodysuit! I had been on the hunt for one after seeing this free people version -- but couldn't spend that kind of money on a simple bodysuit. enter -- a great alternative and perfect for fall/winter!

I love this bodysuit for several reasons. first off, it is extremely comfortable. the material is very soft and feels great on. Second, it has the most beautiful square neckline, which is a big trend right now. it's very flattering and looks great on anyone! lastly, I love bodysuits because I have surprisingly been having a jeans moment lately -- I have loved this light wash pair of jeans and I love even more the look of a simple tee tucked into a pair of jeans. That's where a great bodysuit comes in -- it gives the illusion of a perfectly tucked tee without the fuss of actually tucking it! And I know what you're thinking -- "this looks like what I wore to ballet class when I was five" and maybe, yes, when you're just holding it up. but once you put it on, no one will know the difference and the ease and convenience is well worth it!

So, let's get into how I styled it! 

1. Simple, all black with a pop. 
This one is so chic and I love it. All black is of course super slimming and everyone has a pair of black or dark wash jeans. This pair is my new favorite. If you're like me and have a smaller waist-to-booty/hip ratio, you're probably familiar with the back gap when it comes to jeans, especially high waisted ones. well, not anymore! these fit amazingly. I will never buy another brand of denim! not to mention they are super affordable. I threw in a pop of fun, but if that's not your vibe, you could easily swap for a pair of black booties and it would be just as chic.

2. The perfect pair with a skirt.
Another all black option -- can you tell I am totally vibing to this look? I love bodysuits paired with skirts. maxi's, mini's, leather....you name it! I cheated and added a few options....so count that as your bonus for the day ;)

3. The casual look. 
Bodysuits are great if you're going for that "I got ready in five minutes but make it glam" kind of vibe. Here I just paired it with my favorite skinny jeans, slides, some bracelets and a fun bag. Its great if your style is simple chic because it fits right in as an everyday piece, or even if your style is bold, we all need the simple, go-to piece that matches a statement skirt, pair of jeans, etc. You can easily dress it up with cool accessories too if that's where you like to invest your money!

As you can see, one bodysuit can cover a lot of milage in your wardrobe. I could think of a million more ways to wear this awesome closet staple, so be sure to follow me on Instagram to see more because you better believe I'll be incorporating this guy tons of other ways!

Thanks so much for checking out the post! If you have a certain piece or trend you'd love to see featured in these weekly posts, be sure to let me know.


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